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RECO Intensive Raises $10,000 for the Elizabeth Rose Olsen Foundation at The Rose Bowl

Delray Beach— August 26, 2018 —  This past weekend, at a local softball game aptly named the Rose Bowl, RECO Intensive presented the parents of Elizabeth Rose Olsen, and creators of the Elizabeth Rose Olsen Foundation, with a check for $10,000 in support of the charity they created in their daughter’s name.

The Elizabeth Rose Olsen foundation was started by Len and Mariann O’Connor, the parents of Elizabeth Olsen. Elizabeth, 26, tragically died of a drug overdose in July 2016 after finding sobriety in the Delray Beach area. The foundation created in Elizabeth’s name provides anyone seeking recovery from addiction with missing resources and the ability to get the help they need. RECO Intensive, a local outpatient treatment center in Delray Beach, created the Rose Bowl to honor Elizabeth, her parents, and to support the foundation’s mission.

The Rose Bowl included raffle prizes, t-shirts honoring the foundation, and many tears, as families and friends gathered for the softball game created by RECO Intensive.

The game started at 6pm and featured team RECO and team Ambrosia, both local addiction rehabs in the area. Beginning with the National Anthem, sung by one of RECO Intensive’s own clients, and followed by an emotional presentation of the donation check to Len and Mariann, the softball game itself would go 10 innings with the final score reading 7-6, RECO on top. However, everyone was a winner, as 100% of the proceeds from the game were directly donated to the charity.

RECO Intensive

Founded in 2o12, RECO’s mission serves to restore light and color to the lives of those suffering from addiction. Through our experiential and comprehensive treatment solutions, we aim to provide a secure, respectful, and empathetic environment in which individuals can truly recover. Employing our expertise in addiction treatment, we work with individuals and their families to foster a renewed capacity for healing, to rebuild relationships, and to create a blueprint for a better life. As firm advocates of collaborative care, we strive to facilitate each individual’s future in lifelong recovery.

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