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Escape Rooms

Traveling the Road of Recovery

The Escape Room experience is specifically designed to help individuals better themselves through working together with each other. A RECO clinical team member will take nine clients along on this excursion. The team will be locked in a room for one hour with the goal of finding clues to escape the room. The room is filled with puzzles, secret passageways, hidden compartments, and clues that must discovered and decoded within the hour in order to escape. This has proven to be a great way for the therapist to learn more about the client individually and about the group as a whole. It is imperative that they work together in order to complete the game. Through this experience the therapist can learn who amongst their caseload is a natural leader, who can follow directions, who struggles with isolation, who struggles with authority, etc. Most importantly, the therapist can discern how the group will help each other as they travel the road of recovery together.

Escape Rooms

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