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RECO Intensive
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Alumni Integration

Alumni Integration

An ecosystem of its own, built from symbiotic relationships.

Our alumni program sustains itself with a consistent balance of experienced RECO community members offering support to our newer members.

From the moment you become a part of RECO, your participation in our alumni will begin. Upon arrival, you will be assigned an alumni buddy. Simply, an alumni buddy is a person who has graduated from the RECO program that you may use as a resource for “all things” recovery. Your alumni buddy gets the benefits of helping you through RECO, and you get the benefits of having a more experienced community member showing you the ropes. The relationship is symbiotic and is the foundation of everything we do in our alumni program.

As a newly graduated RECO alum, you will have the opportunity to attend monthly RECO events and activities, as well as, our yearly retreat.

A foundation of support that will be with you for the rest of your life, the RECO alumni program will continue building a sense of community amongst you and your peers long after your stay in treatment has ended.

Alumni Integration

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