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Therapist Assignment

Therapist Assignment

Making a connection.

The therapist assignment is one of the many things at RECO that is done with intent and purpose.

All of our clients are assigned a therapist upon intake following an assessment. The assessment allows us to get a gauge of therapeutic needs. Based on therapeutic needs as well as personality type, we pair each client with a therapist we believe will be best suited to help them begin the hard work of digging into their history and themselves.

This thoughtful approach to therapy not only helps you get the most of your treatment but helps our therapists utilize their skillset to the best of their ability.

The therapist you are assigned will be whom you meet with on an individual level and from the moment of assignment, the therapist will work with you on nearly every facet of your recovery while you are attending RECO. Including, but not limited to, family therapy, medications, personal decisions, finding outside support, your aftercare plan, and more.

Therapist Assignment

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