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Teletherapy for Addiction and Mental Health.

Looking for addiction or mental health therapy from the comfort of home? Teletherapy services can match you with a licensed professional who will check in with your regularly to get you on a path to recovery.

Connecting you to help from anywhere

Getting Started with Teletherapy

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Get started by completing the brief, short registration process below. We’ve included a simple assessment and some questions to help match you with the right treatments.

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Once registered you will receive an email to sign into your teletherapy app where you can access appointments, get support, send messages and modify your account.

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After you’ve signed up and signed in, you’ll get notified of any upcoming appointments. Just tap or click to join your sessions and say hello to your therapist.

Benefits of Teletherapy

Why teletherapy? Consider some of the benefits of this service and how it can help you.

Benefits of Telehealth Therapy at RECO Intensive


Anywhere, anytime, you can access our telehealth groups, individual sessions, and more. All you need is a WiFi connection and a relaxing spot to begin your recovery.

Benefits of Telehealth Therapy at RECO Intensive

Individuals or Groups

Whether you want to work individually with a therapist or in a group setting, you can get the support you need virtually anywhere. Once you complete our form we will recommend what we think is best for you and your current circumstances.

Benefits of Telehealth Therapy at RECO Intensive


100% confidential, our telehealth therapy program is HIPPA compliant and encrypted for your safety and security.

Benefits of Telehealth Therapy at RECO Intensive


Whenever you need it, wherever you need it. Our individual and group teletherapy programs are available to work around your schedule so there are no interruptions to your daily life.

Benefits of Telehealth Therapy at RECO Intensive


Just because we can't see you in person doesn't mean you won't enjoy the benefits of both individual and group teletherapy. Your work with our clinical team will feel like you are here with us.

Benefits of Telehealth Therapy at RECO Intensive

Licensed Professionals

Through our teletherapy program, you will have access to all of our Master's level therapists as well as our resident psychiatrist and medical doctor. The best of the best will be available to you as needed.


Wondering if teletherapy is right for you? Consider the benefits of this useful service.

How often will I have sessions?

Clients in Partial Hospitalization (PHP) have sessions 5-6 hours per day 6 days per week.Intensive Outpatient (IOP) has sessions 3 hours per day for 3 to 5 days per week.Outpatient (OP) clients have the opportunity to attend a minimum of 1 group therapy session and 1 individual therapy session per week.

Will my insurance cover teletherapy?

Insurance will often cover and offset the cost of treatment. We offer manageable payment plans and self-pay options as well. Call us today to speak with an admissions specialist.

How do I sign up?

To get started, complete the form below. You’ll be asked a series of questions to confirm your eligibility for teletherapy and to help us match you to the appropriate treatment team and level of care.

Who will I meet with during my appointments?

You will be matched with one of our therapists based on your initial assessment.

What will I need to access telehealth programs with RECO?

To access your telehealth appointments, you’ll need:A mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer with a connected camera and microphone running one of the following internet browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari. You will also need an internet connection. For the best experience, wifi or ethernet is preferred.


Telehealth is 100% Confidential.

Discover a better life and call our recovery helpline today.