Alumni Buddy Program


At RECO, we believe that recovery is a lifelong journey. Through our alumni program, we have developed an incredible community of support, aiming to introduce clients to the limitless possibilities that life in recovery can create.

Upon completing treatment, clients often wonder what will happen next. Life in long-term sobriety—a great unknown—can be overwhelming to those in early recovery. Facilitating collaboration between alumni, staff, and new clients, our unique aftercare programming aims to develop relationships and to foster continued growth.

At RECO—both as a staff and as a community—we want to ensure your success in sobriety. Together, we will remain committed to your personal journey, no matter where your path post-RECO has led.

Alumni Buddy Program

Each prospective RECO client will be paired with an alumni “buddy,” or past participant of the program. This program aims to instill a sense of community, offering the prospective client support and perspective. The alumnus of the program will guide the new client in creating new relationships, assimilating to the sober lifestyle, and maintaining a positive outlook. The client’s buddy will attend meetings with them, give advice, and help them to feel more comfortable within the community. Acting as an alliance of sober confidantes, the buddy program is mutually beneficial to our alumni and our current clients.

Want to learn more about our alumni buddy program? Click here to for more information or to sign up.

Alumni Nights

Designed to emphasize the powerful connections that can be made with our peers in recovery, Alumni Nights take place at RECO every Thursday evening. We invite all former clients to return to RECO and share in this community of support, and encourage them to speak about their struggles and successes in an open forum. With featured speakers each week, Alumni Nights serve as a stage for those who have completed treatment—and for those who are actively experiencing it.

These nights emphasize the powerful bonds that can be made with those on similar paths. For prospective clients, this community serves as a fantastic resource and reassurance; for past clients, it serves as an important reminder of just how far they have traveled in their recovery.

The RECO staff provides refreshments, food, and transportation for all participants of Alumni Nights, and enjoys sharing in the atmosphere of storytelling, relationship building, and fun.