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Family Systems & Support

Family Systems & Support

Healthy Boundaries

Family system theory implies that an individual cannot be understood in isolation, but rather as a part of their family, with the family acting as an emotional unit.

Addiction and recovery affect the entire family—not solely the individual suffering from chemical dependency. Therefore, recognizing family patterns, history, and conflicts allows clients to explore how it has affected them in life, in their active addiction, and in recovery. Clients will discuss different types of relationships, family roles, and attachments in order to further identify patterns in their family.

Family serves as a connector in our lives. In the process of recovery, the concept of family becomes especially important as we address issues of prior trauma. We associate certain emotions with certain family members; the therapeutic approach of Family Systems aims to uncover these impactful relationships and the ways in which we can heal past wounds.

In this open forum, clients acquire skills to cope with conflicts and to create and maintain healthy boundaries. Clients gain useful strategies for healthy problem solving, and emerge from discussion with valuable insight into their familial bonds. In rediscovering the connections which create such significance in our lives, we are better able to understand our own perceptions of self. 

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