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Sober Living

Sober Living, Drug-Free Programs in Delray Beach, FL

Often offered in conjunction with Intensive Outpatient Programs, Sober Living provides individuals in early recovery with secure, drug-free housing. Individuals living in sober residences further their recovery through the positive connections made in a completely sober environment. Sober Living residences are designed with recovery in mind. Residents are able to assume household responsibilities and relate to their peers, fostering a sense of community. Serving as a stepping-stone to fully independent living in recovery, sober residences offer a guided form of independence to all clients. In many cases, residents will live with a house manager, who will be responsible for monitoring all residents’ progress and maintaining a sober environment.

Delray Beach Sober Living Homes

How Sober Living Works

While living in a sober residence, individuals are encouraged to attend AA/NA meetings, facilitating their commitment to a 12-step program. All participants must follow a code of conduct, in order to sustain the important standards of sobriety.

Residents will interact with each other on a daily basis, sharing in responsibilities and creating supportive connections. This community-based methodology empowers residents to thrive in their recovery.

At RECO, our Sober Living Residences have been thoughtfully furnished and decorated to promote optimal progress in recovery. Our secure, comfortable environments allow clients to focus wholly on their health and well-being.

Length of the Program

Residents will stay in Sober Living Residences for different lengths of time, depending upon individual need. A transitional form of addiction treatment, sober residences are invaluable to the long-term treatment industry and to the lives of those recovering from addiction.

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