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Sober Living

Sober Living Houses in Delray Beach, FL

Often offered in conjunction with Intensive Outpatient Programs, our sober homes in Delray Beach, FL, for men and women provide individuals with secure, drug and alcohol-free housing. Individuals residing in sober living houses further their recovery through the positive connections made in a completely sober environment.

A premier recovery residence is designed with recovery in mind. Residents can assume household responsibilities and relate to their peers, fostering a sense of community. Serving as a stepping-stone to fully independent sober living in recovery, sober living residences offer a guided form of independence to all clients.

Typically sober living homes are not for those in the early stages of recovery but for those who have successfully completed detox and are looking to transition from a higher level of care to supplement their recovery. In many cases, residents will live with a sober living home manager who assist residents and work closely to monitor all residents’ progress and maintain a sober living environment.

What To Expect From A Sober Living Home

Though sober living facilities have some surface similarities to both halfway houses and residential treatment centers, sober living homes are a distinct category of drug-free living environments. This is because inpatient treatment centers are usually reserved for patients with severe substance abuse problems or other severe psychiatric symptoms that require more structure with around-the-clock medical supervision since residential patients are required to live at their inpatient facility with 24/7 support.

However, sober living home environments are often a better fit for people in a later stage of their recovery process who would still benefit from recovery housing programs as they work to maintain abstinence and manage long term recovery. For instance, patients may choose to move to a sober living house in Delray Beach, FL, after successfully completing a treatment program or attending outpatient rehab for substance use disorder.

Sober living differs from halfway houses, which tend to offer dorm-like sober living environments for a recovering addict with few amenities. Halfway houses are also more often associated with the criminal justice system rather than chosen voluntarily, like a sober living home.

As opposed to a halfway house, a sober living home may have a homier vibe, with accommodations taking the form of a modest apartment or a shared house with fully furnished bedrooms. Sober living costs can also vary, so more luxurious sober living homes may be an option for those who can pay rent for higher-end recovery houses.

Most sober housing options in the South Florida area cater to only one gender, and sober living homes may also cater to people of a specific demographic. For example, some sober living homes that cater solely to young people are known as “sober colleges.”

In sober homes, all participants must follow sober living house rules to sustain a commitment to recovery from substance abuse and a safe, alcohol and drug-free environment on the property for all sober living residents.

While different sober living homes located in Delray Beach are structured differently, and specific house rules also vary, in general, such programs offer a similar set of guidelines. For instance, strongly encouraged attendance at daily meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous or similar twelve-step support groups is one common sober living home rule.

While staying at a sober living home, most residents will also be expected to meet a curfew, perform daily house chores, and refrain from having overnight guests. They also may be expected to get a job and/or volunteer in the community as they learn to make sober livings. Paying rent on time, attending house meetings, and maintaining a supportive environment may also be part of the expectations in a sober living community.

Some sober living homes are governed by sober living coalitions, and others are associated with a specific addiction treatment provider. In this case, attendance at all formal treatment services may also be part of expectations at a recovery house. Recovery services like on-site medical care or a live-in treatment provider may also be offered at some sober living homes through their associated treatment center.

The idea behind sober housing is to allow enough freedom for the patient to re-acclimate to normal life while still having enough safety and stability to support recovery. Residents will interact with each other on a daily basis, sharing in responsibilities and creating supportive connections with one another.

This community-based methodology empowers residents of sober homes to thrive in their recovery. Living with other individuals who not only will hold them accountable but also have the same goal of staying sober will help shift focus away from psychoactive drugs and alcohol abuse and towards finding a new way to live. Thus, sober living homes create more motivation to stay sober, stay accountable, and do what needs to be done to achieve long-term sober living.

At RECO, the sober living homes associated with our drug treatment facilities are known as the Reco Institute. Each sober living house has been thoughtfully furnished and decorated to promote optimal progress in recovery. The secure, supportive, comfortable environments provided by these sober living homes allow clients to remain in good hands while focused wholly on their mental health and well-being and encourage active participation in the recovery community/society and in every aspect of our addiction treatment programs. With the right foundation, we can help bridge the gap between the promise of recovery and living that in your everyday life.

Delray Beach Sober Living Homes

How Long Should I Stay In A Sober Living House?

Residents will stay in our sober living homes in Delray Beach, FL, for different lengths of time, depending upon their individual needs. A transitional form of addiction treatment, sober living homes are invaluable to the long-term treatment industry and to the lives of those recovering from alcohol and drug addiction.

The success rate for clients who live in sober living homes for any length of time is much higher than for those who choose not to stay in sober living homes. One recent study found positive longitudinal outcomes for 300 individuals recovering from drug abuse in sober living homes, and other studies have found similar results indicating that the peer support provided in sober living homes can indeed facilitate ongoing sobriety for a person, as well as that the amount of time spent in sober living homes can directly affect the length of sobriety and mental health.

Many individuals describe choosing a sober living home experience as one of the best decisions they ever made in their recovery. The friendships, support, and life lessons are such that most individuals will take and use what they learned in sober living homes throughout the rest of their life.

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Reco Intensive is a Delray Beach treatment provider known for offering some of the best sober living homes and treatment options among American addiction centers. Our treatment options and sober living homes are appropriate for those beginning their recovery process from drug or alcohol addiction or from other addictive disorders.

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