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Christopher Pasquale to Speak with Atlantic High Football Team on Impact of Opioids

Delray Beach, FL March 26th—-Today, Director of Operations of RECO Intensive, Christopher Pasquale, will be speaking with the Atlantic High Eagles Football Team on the impact of opioids, not only in the community, but on athletes specifically. The talk will be an overview of how opioids came to be, including their history, the current use of opioids, and the opioid epidemic. It will also include how easily athletes both professional and non-professional can easily fall into the trap of addiction due to injury or other circumstances that may require them to take prescription opioids.

And it is a story many athletes know all too well, including, as Pasquale will mention, players as world renowned as Brett Favre. It isn’t just professional athletes that find themselves in the midst of an addiction after injury, however. Statistics show that most teens and young adults who end up with an opioid addiction, started off taking medications that were prescribed to them due to a medical procedure such as, a wisdom tooth extraction, broken bone, or sports injury. Making this is an important discussion to have with high school athletes, especially football players as they move into the next level of their athletic careers, at a collegiate and professional level. Atlantic High has produced some NFL level players and getting the word to these young men now is paramount.

Chris told us, “With the increasing number of reports of young people looking for ways to eliminate the pain of injuries so that they can continue to compete at a high level, RECO believes it can help provide awareness of the dangers of opioid use. Prevention is of the utmost importance in fighting this epidemic.”

RECO works with communities across all of South Florida providing education on the dangers of substance abuse. This includes talks with high schools, works in churches and more.




RECO INTENSIVE—RECO’s mission serves to restore light and color to the lives of those suffering from addiction. Through our experiential and comprehensive treatment solutions, we aim to provide a secure, respectful, and empathetic environment in which individuals can truly recover.

Employing our expertise in addiction treatment, we work with individuals and their families to foster a renewed capacity for healing, to rebuild relationships, and to create a blueprint for a better life. As firm advocates of collaborative care, we strive to facilitate each individual’s future in lifelong recovery.

In the face of addiction, we are all climbing a similar mountain. When left alone, that mountain can feel insuperable. At RECO, we will not only work to climb that mountain with you—many of us have reached its darkest valleys before. We know where you have been, and will invest every ounce of our effort and limitless compassion to ensure a continuous transformation toward the person you will become.


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