The brain as we know it has plasticity.

Meaning, it has the ability to be taught new things and will change continually over the course of our lifetime. This plasticity or adaptation, is the reason behind many of our habits, thinking patterns and behaviors. With RECO's brain mapping program, our client's will have the unique opportunity to get an in-depth look into the way their brain behaves. They will have the chance to see areas of the brain that have been impacted by their addiction, where their brain has helped them develop (healthy & unhealthy) coping mechanisms, and where their brain is helping or hindering them on their journey to recovery.

Brain mapping is done digitally with electrodes placed on the individual's temples. These electrodes will pick up any electrical activity in the brain and then display it on a computer screen. The output of this activity in real time will look like wavy lines scrolling across the screen. Once this first look is completed, the client's will then be given a variety of simple tests that will allow the Neurointegration technician to see the individual's brain in action.

Once the brain mapping is concluded, the results will be compiled into a personalized and highly detailed report of the client's brain patterns and behaviors. They will have the opportunity at this moment to sit one on one with a team of Neurointegration experts, who will go in depth with them regarding their results and what they mean. From there, a personalized Neurotherapy program can begin to help treat any issues and improve any areas of the brain that are causing negative outcomes in the client's life.