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Alcohol Recovery: Overcoming Dependence In Delray Beach

RECO Intensive, one of the leading alcohol treatment centers serving Florida, takes a progressive and personalized approach to addiction recovery. By focusing on the mind, the body, and the spirit, we offer hope to those who are seeking treatment for alcoholism. If you or someone you love suffers from alcohol dependency, call us at 844-955-3042 or fill out our confidential online form to contact us. Since the first step toward recovery is understanding the nature of the problem, you can also read on to learn more about the disease of alcoholism and its devastating effects.

Understanding Alcohol Dependence

Person fighting urge to take shot of alcohol

Alcoholism is a serious disease that affects millions of Americans. The result of many different but interrelated factors, including genetics, social environment, and mental health, it ruins lives, all too often leading to mental impairment, physical debilitation, and even death. Although friends and family sometimes struggle to understand the reasons behind alcohol dependence, it is crucial that they help to provide a supportive environment in which recovery can take place.

Alcohol abuse comes in a variety of shapes and forms. It can manifest as binge drinking, frequent drinking, or even full-blown alcoholism. The problem often starts with one small drink and gradually progresses over time until pleasure turns into helplessness. Before long, many people begin to display the tell-tale signs of alcoholism, including intense cravings and physical alcohol withdrawal symptoms—nausea, sweating, anxiety, confusion, and even seizures.

The Road to Wellness

The good news is that there is hope. Alcohol abuse and alcoholism don’t have to be death sentences. As a progressive treatment provider, RECO Intensive’s alcohol rehab program combines the most effective treatment methods, including detox and counseling, with the most personalized care to increase the chances of success. Start your journey to sobriety today. Contact RECO Intensive.

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