Residential Care

Inpatient & Residential Drug Treatment Programs in Delray Beach, FL

An inpatient recovery solution, Residential Care provides clients with a fully immersive treatment plan. Clients reside on the campuses of the treatment facilities, receiving 24-hour professional care. Their daily activities are facilitated and monitored by a staff of addiction professionals.

Following detox, clients enter residential care programs in the early stages of recovery. Focused on creating structure in the lives of those suffering from addiction, residential care clinical teams are invested in each aspect of a client’s care, in all forms of offered therapies.

Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs in Delray Beach

About Residential Care

While therapeutic approach differs from program to program, many residential care facilities utilize cognitive behavioral (CBT) and dialectical behavior (DBT) techniques. In a 12-step recovery model, experiential therapy guides the client in addressing past behaviors and negative situations while creating positive framework for the future.

As the client lives on-campus, they are encouraged to receive family visits on designated days, and to interact and form connections with their peers. The experience focuses wholly on recovery, and caters to those who are not yet able to live independently or in a sober living residence.


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