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RECO Intensive
140 NE 4th Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33483

Individual Therapy

Individualized Therapy

Safe, Secure Environment

Upon entering our program, each client will be assigned a Primary Therapist, whom they will meet with for a minimum of one session per week.

Our highly experienced staff of Primary Therapists will work with you in a one-on-one, experiential environment, and will guide you throughout your progression in the program. Through utilizing different therapeutic techniques, your therapist will get to know your history and help you in creating a brighter pathway for the future.

Together, you and your Primary Therapist will design a therapeutic plan for your recovery, including individual and group sessions. In your individual sessions, you will examine both your past history with addiction and your current progress within the program. Our qualified staff will offer support and encouragement while also providing you with tools that you can use in your future post-RECO.

As your ally and confidante in recovery, your Primary Therapist will offer a safe, secure environment in which you can voice your thoughts, feelings, and fears. They will get to know the person you were, while advocating for the person you will be. In addition to mandatory weekly sessions, we also institute an open door policy for all clients, and can schedule extra individual sessions based upon situational need.

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