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Aftercare & Transition Planning

Aftercare & Treatment Planning

Changing our future.

Where you are is just as important as where you are going. This is true in life as well as addiction treatment.

Aftercare and transition plans help to prepare you for all of the roadblocks and obstacles to finding long term success in recovery. And there will be obstacles because this is life and we are living it.

Once you have completed your treatment stay with us at RECO, the world will be waiting for you. Whether that world is home with a family or a move into a halfway house, it will be there. That is why from the minute you start treatment with RECO, your therapist will go over your goals and plans for the future and begin to help you set up systems to get you there.

Your aftercare plan might look like a transition out of RECO housing into a halfway house while still attending individual therapy or nightly IOP. This is just one example. However, whatever your plan turns out to be, it will be unique to you and your needs, and RECO will be there with you every step of the way.


Aftercare & Transition Planning

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