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RECO Intervention Peer Support

Intervention Peer Support

Substance abuse disorder thrives in isolation. There is power in the community while attending addiction treatment

At RECO, we believe the well-being of the community is a product of the individuals in it. We look to the community to help hold the individual accountable and keep them moving in a positive direction. If a member of the community is falling short, we look to the community to help pick them back up.

While we do offer the treatment protocols, many of the treatment outcomes are based on the community and the individual’s own willingness to become an active participant in their recovery.

RECO’s Intervention Peer Support is the helping hand given to you by your peers. Weekly you will all choose a leader for your residence and someone who has earned a “reward”. Most often, this individual is someone you see doing the right things; becoming an active participant at RECO and in their recovery. Mirroring this, you all will also work together to identify and keep each other in check through interventions.

This peer to peer accountability helps to keep you active and engaged during your stay with us. It puts you and your peers in charge of your own recoveries.

At the end of the day, we are just the place, and this is your story. We recover together.

Intervention Peer Support

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