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RECO Intensive
140 NE 4th Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33483

The RECO Team

Our founders dreamed of a place where those suffering from chemical dependency could renew their commitment to sobriety, restore their capacity for healing, and recover from the physical, emotional, and spiritual trauma of addiction. RECO Intensive is that place.

We are honored to have such an incredible team of professionals working together to guide clients in creating brighter futures. RECO prides itself on being motivated to help clients recover in a way that is intentionally collaborative with each aspect of our program. From our primary therapists, to our specialty practitioners, to our ancillary service providers, our staff exemplifies the highest standards and best practices in addiction treatment.

Exec Team

  • David Niknafs, CNDAI, Founder

    David Niknafs, NCIP, CNDAI


    The founder of RECO Intensive, RECO Institute, and RECO Trust, David works with a tireless enthusiasm to create a more progressive approach to addiction treatment. A native Atlantan, Dave was...

  • Brian Greenblott, CRRA, Director of Community Outreach

    Brian Greenblott, CRRA

    Director of Community Outreach

    With 15 years in recovery himself, Brian exemplifies the possibilities that are created in overcoming addiction. A compassionate and perseverant spirit, he brings with him over ten years of experience...

  • Chris Pasquale, MA, MCAP, ICADC, Director of Operations

    Chris Pasquale, MA, MCAP, ICADC

    Director of Operations

    A member of team RECO since our founding, Chris wears multiple different hats within his role as Director of Operations. An architect of the program, he aids in designing personalized...


Core Team

  • Dr. Alexander Scheuermann, DO

    Medical Director
  • Dr. Charles Norris Jr., MD

    Board Certified Psychiatrist
  • Kathleen Simervil, MSPA, PA-C, CAQ-Psych

    Physician Assistant
  • Molly May, LMHC, MCAP, ICADC

    Clinical Director
  • Lucy Lyons, LCSW, EMDRIA

    Primary Therapist
  • Emily Kilgore-Torres, MSW, RCSWI

    Primary Therapist
  • Amber Zalman, MSW, MS

    Primary Therapist
  • Dvora Paper, MS, RMHCI

    Primary Therapist
  • Filoude Jean-Louis, MSW

    Primary Therapist
  • Henry Zelaya,

    Primary Therapist
  • Matthew Carney, MSCP, RMHCI

    Primary Therapist
  • Nongae Johnson, PATH

    Equine Specialist
  • Rhonda Fritzshall, EAGALA Certified

    Equine Specialist
  • Erika Boodhoo, MBA

    Vice President of Operations
  • Conner Short

    Business Development Representative
  • Veronica Dion, BA, CAC, CADC

    Director of Case Management
  • Danielle Rivera, BA

    Case Coordinator
  • Brent Lawson

    Admissions Director
  • Stephen Hazel

    Admissions Coordinator
  • Hunter Peroni

    Admissions Coordinator
  • Andrew Lindner

  • Catarina Diz

  • Phoebe Warner, BA

    Administrative Assistant
  • William Judge

    Property Management
  • George R. Morris, CRRA

    Director of Residential Services
  • Guy Brockington

    Behavioral Health Technician
  • Jill Capone

    Behavioral Health Technician
  • Carly Podlosky

    Behavioral Health Technician
  • Nicole Pietrus

    Behavioral Health Technician
  • Sydnie Jefferson

    Behavioral Health Technician

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