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RECO Intensive
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Creative & Expressive Arts

Creative & Expressive Arts

Promoting Mental & Emotional Well-Being

Art Therapy has been a proven tool in helping addicts and clients that suffer from traumatic events. Through creativity, clients explore the barriers of trauma, utilizing the imaginative senses.

Oftentimes we see art, or hear a song that evokes emotion, and do not understand the reason why. Art and music give clients the opportunity to express and release their feelings and emotions by gifting them with color, lines, and chords. You do not have to be artistically gifted to experience the benefits and healing power of art therapy RECO Intensive. Expressive Arts are simply a guided, creative way to express the feelings and thoughts we carry with us into the treatment setting.

Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed, thus allowing clients to explore, process, and form new beliefs and ideas about who they are—giving them room to adapt and heal. The art produced in recovery can offer impactful insight into emotion and personal growth, and serves as a foundation for intellectual and imaginative development.

In Creative and Expressive Arts, we utilize different mediums of self-expression to promote the mental and emotional well being of our clients, and to encourage them in experiencing creative release. As they experience their emotions through this practice of expression, clients are able to uncover strategies for self-care. In discovering a creative voice, they are given an exercisable tool of healing. 

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