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RECO Intensive
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Behind the Barracks

Behind the Barracks

Symbolic Approach

Addiction is a war that one fights on a daily basis.

In order to fight a war, one must be prepared and have some inclination of what to expect. Preparation for war occurs in a safe and secure environment: behind the barracks. In order to prevent relapse, the individual must understand their patterns of behavior and thinking so that they can predict, based on past situations, how the enemy—addiction—will attack. This preparation requires open-mindedness and a willingness to accept suggestions, learning from others and their experiences. In its distinctive symbolic approach, this group explores the ways in which relapse can be prevented, focusing on long-term solutions for recovery.

Relapse prevention is a crucial process in recovery. It is a process that continues throughout an affected individual’s lifetime. In our unique group, we relate this process to real life situations, and produce strategies to avoid risk. The skills gained at RECO Intensive, within this group can be carried outside of the treatment setting, and serve to facilitate and individual’s lasting future in recovery.

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