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Gender Group

Gender Group

Beginning to Heal

Gender group is designed to separate groups by gender, creating an open space where fear-inducing topics can be discussed.

Fear of embarrassment (or possible ego) can halt opportunities for growth. Typically individuals do not want to discuss certain topics in open meetings, or with another person, and instead hold onto these haunting thoughts.  At RECO, by separating groups into their respective genders, we allow clients the opportunity to relate to and confide in their immediate peers.

Men and women can face different issues in recovery. With either a male or female staff member leading the discussion, participants in Gender Group are better able to relate to one another in conversation. This open, secure environment gives both men and women the capability to voice their concerns.

In Gender Group, we put everything on the table. Anything that is affecting the client’s recovery is open for discussion. In Gender Group, we talk about it all. Our insecurities. Our thoughts. Our ideas. But most importantly, we talk about our emotions, and the ways in which we can begin to heal.

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