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RECO Intensive
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Competitive Recreation

An Enduring Community of Support

Through facilitation of healthy competition, RECO clients are able to interact with their peers in a fun, athletic environment. The RECO softball team plays weekly, and has fostered many enduring friendships (and friendly rivalries) since its founding.  In addition to our regular softball games, RECO also hosts a bi-annual dodgeball tournament, which all RECO staff, clients, and alumni are encouraged to attend. As they work together in a competitive setting, clients build a sense of mutuality, strength, and encouragement, placing an important emphasis on teamwork and communication. This ongoing athletic collaboration between staff, clients, and alumni serves as the basis for an enduring community of support, and offers all participants an outlet of lighthearted—yet competitive—sportsmanship, no matter their skill level or athletic résumé.

Competitive Recreation

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