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RECO Intensive
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"I am truly grateful."

We are proud to see our former clients thriving in recovery. Our alumni know where you have been, and will attest to the effectiveness and compassion of RECO’s mission.

  • “You can feel confident referring your clients to this agency.”

    “RECO Intensive is a fantastic organization that understands what it means to put the client first. I have known multiple members of the clinical and executive staff for many years and watched the personal and professional growth of this agency, which has been a wonderful thing to witness. You can feel confident referring your clients to this agency and trusting that they are going to be receiving quality care and compassion.”

    — Brittany Ringersen
  • “They do everything within their capacity to best set them up on that path to success.”

    “RECO really does help their clients get back to a brighter future. Working with them professionally, it is refreshing to work with the cohesiveness of their admissions, clinical, and case management teams. Most importantly, each of RECO’s clients receives a truly personalized and tailored clinical program, and there is continuity within their safe and supportive discharge plan. They take into account clients’ hopes and dreams, and do everything within their capacity to best set them up on that path to success.”

    — Lissa Franklin
  • “They have truly been a blessing to work with!”

    “As a professional in the field, I can say that RECO Intensive does great work. They have used their knowledge and passion to provide their clients with consistent care for years. They have truly been a blessing to work with!”

    — Serafina W.
  • “This is truly a life-altering place.”

    “Such a wonderful program. Every time I visit I get a sense of peace and serenity. This is truly a life-altering place. Thank you to the staff and owner for your dedication to helping those in need.”

    — Peter Bilbo
  • “RECO truly stands out amongst others.”

    “RECO is a beautiful facility. The staff is extremely encouraging and accommodating. RECO truly stands out amongst others in the Delray area. I highly recommend them.”

    — Joe Covey
  • “I find them professional in their business interaction, and compassionate with their clients.”

    “As a ‘legitimate’ Recovery Residence here in Delray Beach, I have had the pleasure of working with the RECO staff and clients for some time now. I find them professional in their business interaction, and compassionate with their clients. Their clients, with all the challenges of early recovery, present as prepared for following a path toward lasting sobriety.”

    — Phil Chamness
  • “I highly recommend this treatment provider to anyone seeking a real solution!”

    “As the Founder and Operator of Resilience Recovery Residences in Palm Beach County, I have had the privilege of working with the fantastic clinicians and collaborating with RECO and their alumni for recovery activities with our residence and alumni! I highly recommend this treatment provider to anyone seeking a real solution!”

    — Christopher Martinez
  • “One of the best facilities that I have ever worked with.”

    “RECO Intensive is one of the best facilities that I have ever worked with. They are involved with their clients in every aspect of their of their recovery. I am a women’s manager at a Recovery Residence in Delray Beach and couldn’t be more pleased with their communication with me, the professionalism and the care they have shown their clients. I respect them and their program to the utmost degree.”

    — Pamela
  • “RECO allows us to help others in need in our LGBT community.”

    “Lambda North is a LGBT clubhouse providing services and a safe meeting place for LGBT people of all walks of life to begin or continue their sobriety journey in Palm Beach. Because the Palm Beaches are a sobriety destination, Lambda North serves on a national and local level. We are proud to share that RECO Intensive is a platinum sponsor of Lambda North and prominently recognized on our website. RECO Intensive’s unwavering support of Lambda North allows us to help others in need in our LGBT community. We salute David Niknafs and RECO Intensive for their love and support.”

    — Kevin Owens
  • “Top of my list.”

    “There are few facilities that I truly have complete confidence in. However, RECO is at the top of my list.”

    — John Tarasi
  • “Excellent reputation.”

    “Very good people. Excellent reputation in the local sober community.”

    — Jim Twitty
  • “Recovery in a safe environment.”

    “RECO is providing so many people with an opportunity to change their lives and get back on the path they were meant to trudge. With the help of the dedicated, passionate staff, people are given the chance to truly recover in a safe environment and for that I am truly grateful.”

    — Jordan McAdams
  • “You will not be disappointed.”

    “For the past year and a half I’ve had the privilege to tour and refer to various programs throughout the country. I met Brian Greenblott shortly after starting as an Aftercare Coordinator at a residential treatment program and was introduced to RECO. They provide amazing housing and clinical services, and instill in their clients that recovery is fun and exciting, not negative and depressing. Their program features many facets which help launch their newly sober clients into a lifestyle of recovery. Therapists such as Chris, their alumni/discharge staff, and every patient I have referred there show just how effective their approach is. If you are at a place in your life where RECO is an option for you to find recovery take the opportunity, you will not be disappointed.”

    — Ben Ertel
  • “RECO has exceeded my expectations.”

    “As an addictions professional I’m always on the lookout for quality aftercare and sober living arrangements for my clients. RECO has met and exceeded my expectations on every occasion that I’ve had the pleasure of working with them. Their facilities are serene and comfortable, as well as being exceptionally run. David provides a high level of accountability for his clients and is very skilled at identifying and implementing any resources his clients need. I would recommend RECO to anyone seeking a high quality sober living facility.”

    — Chris Becker
  • “A pleasure to do business with.”

    “David is such a pleasure to do business with. He is honest, dependable and a reputable recovery residence owner. David operates with the very best intentions of his past, future, and current clients. He is definitely an up-and-coming player in this industry. He is one of the good guys.”

    — Eric S.
  • “Best foot forward.”

    “When running an intervention team, it can be challenging to find the best placement for a client in the right time. When working with David on getting a client to his program, his team always responds adamantly and is putting their best foot forward to make our transition process with the client as smooth as possible. David is always the person answering the phone and running the operation. My team and I highly recommend David in his professional line of work.”

    — Ian Cunningham, C.F.S.I.
  • “Recommended hands-down.”

    “Sober Escorts, Inc. has had the pleasure of working with David and his crew at RECO more than once. Each time we have worked together, David has gone above and beyond to make sure our clients are well tended and cared for. We recommend him and his team hands-down.”

    — Jamie Eater
  • “They never gave up on our daughter.”

    “The staff at RECO was amazing. They never gave up on our daughter. They provided support and encouragement to not only our daughter, but to us as well. I can’t thank them enough.”

    — Amy M.
  • “Her stay at RECO has ultimately saved her life!”

    “My daughter attended RECO for two months last year. She had been in two other rehab facilities prior to RECO. Ever hopeful, I also realized how possible it was that she might not recover. I was afraid she was just going through the motions. RECO made a BIG difference in her life! She didn’t believe ‘rehabs’ really cared. They changed that. They didn’t give up on her and even kept me informed which I greatly appreciated. They went above and beyond their ‘job’ to reach out and help my daughter. Over the top. I am so grateful. In addition, the staff was helpful on the financial end of things. Everyone was so kind and caring. Her stay at RECO has ultimately saved her life!”

    — Margaret
  • “For giving my son the skills to live a sober life.”

    “I want say thank you to RECO for giving my son the skills to live a sober life. They helped him with housing, food, and a job, and he participates in alumni activities.”

    — M.H.
  • “Thanks to all of you.”

    “Happy with results of treatment for my son. He is enjoying his life again! No words to describe that. Thanks to all of you.”

    — Rose
  • “RECO has been a wonderful support system.”

    “RECO has been a wonderful support system for my son. The counselors have been outstanding and have helped him live a sober, healthy life for the past year. They took him in when he had nowhere else to go!”

    — Katie
  • “RECO Intensive is absolutely on the top of the list.”

    “Addiction: many do not realize how big of a problem this is in today’s world. Lives ruined, years wasted, families destroyed. Luckily we have treatment centers that are here to help. RECO Intensive is absolutely on the top of the list. Don’t give up hope. Having our son back in our lives is such a pleasure and for him to lead a productive life in society means the world.”

    — Dave R.
  • “I have never seen such improvement come in such a short amount of time.”

    “My daughter attended RECO a year ago and it was not her first trip ‘around the block.’ This was her third time in treatment and I have never seen such improvement come in such a short amount of time. The treatment plan is not only individually designed for each person who enters, but the  faculty also takes the time to ensure that each of them receives the level of treatment that they need. My daughter has been sober since her stay at RECO. I am forever grateful.”

    — Lauren P.
  • “Thank you to all the staff at RECO for returning to us our beautiful and motivated daughter.”

    “RECO has been the best thing to happen for our daughter in many years. We are so grateful for their guidance and support. The staff has been especially wonderful, helping her move on to the next level of Sober Living and arranging her introduction to Life of Purpose, giving her personal attention and encouragement, arranging tours and interviews, and regularly communicating with us (parents). Thank you to all the staff at RECO for returning to us our beautiful and motivated daughter. I truly feel that RECO has saved our girl’s life.”

    — VB
  • “RECO was that glimmer of hope.”

    “Just when I thought my child’s life was completely ruined by drug addiction, a glimmer of hope appeared. RECO was that glimmer of hope. As soon as we met with them, we believed in our hearts that this was the place for the change to occur. After four months of treatment with RECO, we visited him for the first time. He looked like a completely different person. He was a man. He had completely changed from playing a victim of circumstance, to owning his mistakes and shortcomings. He is recovering, in every sense of the word, and it’s all because of RECO. Thank God for the facility and their staff.”

    — Dustin
  • “We’ve seen such a positive change.”

    “Thank you Brian and the staff at RECO. My son completed treatment with you and we’ve seen such a positive change in him. He has remained sober, is working in the field, and our relationship with him is better than it’s ever been. God bless you all.”

    — Tara C.
  • “One of the best treatment centers in the country.”

    “This one of the best treatment centers in the country. My brother went there last year. Their intensive outpatient and sober living environments are all key attributes to my brother’s sobriety and newfound life. All of the staff are amazing and are extremely supportive and care about the success of their clients. I highly recommend RECO Intensive.”

    — Zenifa L.
  • “Thank you for the time and energy you put into us.”

    “David, words cannot express how much you mean to my family and I. Greg and I felt we had lost our son to addiction, that all hope was lost. Both of our lives revolved around finding a solution to keep our son alive. We felt completely helpless for several years as we watched our only son destroy his life, and ours in the process. The care and service you provided, not only saved the life of our son, but also led him to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. The change in him, our family and our relationship with each other is better than I ever could have imagined. I thank you for all the time and energy you put into us and the kindness you showed.”

    — Susan B.
  • “Keep doing what you do.”

    “Let me start off explaining how my life is different today, compared to 9 months ago. When my son calls me, I no longer worry that he is about to tell me he is in jail, hurt or needs money. When I go to sleep, that’s right, I can sleep! I don’t have to worry that he’s going to break into my home and steal from me. That weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Instead, we have a real father-son relationship. To see him thriving in his recovery program, working, helping out other addicts and being a responsible member in society is something I thought I would never see. I’m proud of him and Dave, I’m proud of you. I don’t know how you did it, but keep doing what you do because you are great at it.”

    — Rodger G.
  • “Truly a blessing.”

    “You are truly a blessing Dave! To say my family loves you is quite the understatement. You were so patient with us and always available. To be able to speak with you day or night, even if I just needed reassurance that everything would be all right, you were always there. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

    — Kelly T.
  • “A step towards a beautiful life.”

    “My 19-year-old daughter has been given her life back through her hard work and the caring, competent staff at RECO. We were losing her to an opiate addiction, which has reached epidemic proportions where we live in Boston. She is now working with the staff at RECO through their IOP program to gain lifelong skills in recovery. Ryan has been my liaison at RECO. He keeps me up to date on her progress and is very encouraging and easy to talk to. He is helping her with her job search and budgeting so that she will have the skills she needs to be independent and sober going forward. My daughter has great things to say about the program as well. We are indebted to RECO for giving us our beautiful daughter back! For people in the throes of addiction, it can seem like there is no way out. I would strongly recommend RECO as a step towards freedom and a beautiful life.”

    — Holly M.
  • “I consider RECO my family.”

    “RECO is an amazing place that has given me the tools to not only be clean, but live a sober life. From day one I was welcomed with nothing but love and acceptance. The RECO staff is very genuine and cares about helping people get to a place of long-term sobriety. I am now an alumni and consider RECO my family.”

    — Patrick R.
  • “I was treated like a person with a name.”

    “Great place with an excellent staff. I was honored to have been a part of the RECO team for almost two years and have nothing but great things to say about every person I encountered. As a client, I was treated like a person with a name, not a dollar sign. I felt important and they helped me ultimately get and stay clean for years.”

    — Andrew L.
  • “As soon as I got to RECO I felt at home.”

    “As soon as I got to RECO I felt at home, the staff was so friendly and accommodating they felt like family. The lessons I learned there almost 3 years ago have stuck with me ever since and have helped immensely over the course of my sobriety. The memories and friends I made there will last forever.”

    — Andy C.
  • “I am now at peace.”

    “RECO has been a place for me to be able to be myself again and give back what was freely given to me. I am now at peace and happy with the people, places, and things surrounding me.”

    — Alex R.
  • “It really helped save my life and continues to do so.”

    “RECO has to be one of the BEST programs I ever got myself into and one of the best in South Florida. It really helped save my life and continues to do so, through integrating what they taught me while I was there. Now I’m back home and doing great. Between Ryan, Bret, Chris, and all the others, these people genuinely care about you and your recovery, I highly recommend it to ANYBODY who is trying to get their life back from addiction and get back on the right track. Thanks for everything RECO!”

    — Zac H.
  • “They will forever be a family to me.”

    “RECO and all the staff will forever be a big part of my story. They have helped me in ways that I never thought anyone could. They have helped me see that I do have a purpose in life and there is a better way to live that will truly make me happy. They will forever be a family to me and I know I can always count on them to have my back. This place and every staff member has definitely been a blessing in my life.”

    — Chelsie M.
  • “The staff and owners go above and beyond.”

    “Literally the best treatment center and IOP I’ve attended. The staff and owners go above and beyond for all the clients. They definitely proved it to those who were here for the hurricane. Extremely grateful and would recommend to anyone.”

    — Dylan B.
  • “RECO has been a bright spot in my recovery.”

    “From day one, the staff and community at RECO welcomed me and gave me love and support. I will be forever grateful for the treatment I received here. Not just from my therapist, but from the techs, my case manager, the alumni coordinators, and Mackey, the aftercare coordinator who found me a wonderful sober house to transition to. RECO has been a bright spot in my recovery and will forever hold a place in my heart.”

    — William M.
  • “They were there, welcoming me with open arms and ready to help.”

    “As many have said, RECO saved my life. And it still continues to do so through the alumni program. What impresses me the most about RECO is their CLIENT CARE. Absolutely outstanding. I went to RECO once before and didn’t take advantage of the opportunities they put in front of me. And I left. And when I was ready to give it another shot, they were there, welcoming me with open arms and ready to help. This time I took advantage of their help, and they helped me find a job I still have today, and got me started with a sponsor and the steps. And when I completed they continue to help with alumni groups and meetings.

    They have great groups and do many fun activities. My therapist is amazing and I cannot say enough about him. Very professional and if I do something good, he’ll tell me. If I do something wrong, he’ll tell me. They also let me get involved in helping new clients and taking part in the alumni program. I would recommend RECO to anyone struggling to get help. They have more than enough to offer and it’s right there in front of you to start your journey on a new (and very much improved) life! Thank you guys!”

    — Riley D.
  • “My son gets to grow up with a mom.”

    “RECO intensive saved my life. I have been struggling with addiction for 20+ years and when I finally made the decision to seek treatment I was blessed enough to end up in their IOP program. I struggled on a daily basis to stay clean, and their love, guidance and intensive therapy gave me the support I needed to do so. I also struggled daily with staying in their program because I had a small child who was at home many miles away, whom I missed and loved dearly. But from the house manager, to the techs, to the therapists, and even administration, the staff were able to make me understand that if I left and went home to be with my child without finishing treatment, that it would ultimately end up hurting him.

    I required an extra-long stay at RECO because I was more hard-headed than most and they had every opportunity to give up on me or send me to a different facility because I wasn’t always 100% receptive to their guidance and suggestions. But they never gave up on me; they loved me until I could love myself, and without RECO I know without a doubt that I would have ended up dead. I recommend this program to anyone struggling with addiction; I can attest honestly and whole-heartedly that they CARE and want each client to succeed. As long as you have the desire and just a sliver of hope, they will do everything in their power to show you that life is so much better without drugs and alcohol. They not only saved my life, but they granted the biggest gift to my now 5-year-old son. He gets to grow up with a mom.”

    — Mary M.
  • “I owe my life to RECO Intensive.”

    “RECO Intensive saved my life! I couldn’t have been happier anywhere else. RECO is full of caring, friendly, intelligent, and professional staff. They can relate to their patients and actually care about your well-being. They have an effective structure and plan customized for each patient to achieve lifelong sobriety. I would recommend RECO Intensive to anyone struggling with the disease of addiction. State-of-the-art housing and facilities and even better individual and group care provided by their all-star staff. I owe my life to RECO Intensive and could not be happier with my choice going to RECO to recover from active addiction. I can’t thank them enough and I hope everyone struggling with the disease of addiction finds RECO and can discover a blessed life beyond your wildest dreams! Thank you RECO.”

    — Robby H.
  • “Nothing short of amazing.”

    “My experience at RECO was nothing short of amazing. The staff is both friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend RECO to anyone seeking a legitimate IOP program!”

    — Karl J.
  • “I had a stereotypical expectation—until I met the staff.”

    “When I first arrived, I had a stereotypical expectation—until I met the staff. A greeting so courteous and sublime. This act of service has changed my life. I give my utmost sincere regards to the staff—you have my gratitude. RECO: relentless, valiant, and exemplary.”

    — Art S.
  • “With their guidance I have found a new outlook on life and have hope for the future.”

    “Hands-down the best course of treatment regarding substance abuse and mental health in South Florida. RECO saved my life, and with their guidance I have found a new outlook on life and have hope for the future. They treat every single client with the respect they deserve and work with everyone on giving them every opportunity to grow. Huge shout-out to Ryan, Bret, and Paul for being great at what they do!”

    — Hunter P.
  • “Showed me something I hadn’t seen in a long time—HOPE!”

    “I attended RECO Intensive in early 2016 with no idea what lay ahead for the rest of my life. Desperate and in need of help, not only did the RECO Intensive family help save my life, but the program also taught me a lot about who I am and showed me something I hadn’t seen in a long time—HOPE! The RECO Intensive facility isn’t just some recovery program. It’s a family, and I was continuously supported and surrounded by people who actually cared about my well-being while I was in such a vulnerable place.

    If you are in need of help, or know someone who is ready to start a new chapter in their life, get in touch with RECO. It was the best opportunity I think I’ve ever had in my entire life and also the best decision I’ve ever made. Thank you RECO for putting my recovery as priority number one in my life!”

    — Sean D.
  • “The ongoing support, love, and compassion cannot be found elsewhere.”

    “If you’re looking for yourself or a loved one, RECO is a solution-based treatment facility. You will get working knowledge of the 12 Steps, help getting your life back on track, and employment assistance from finding a job to résumé writing. The ongoing support, love, and compassion cannot be found elsewhere. The staff is beyond amazing; they are the most understanding in their field yet they will maintain accountability at the same time. In my experience if you simply follow their suggestions, you or your loved ones will get that new life they deserve.”

    — Matt M.
  • “Got me on the road to success toward a bright future.”

    “Best staff at a treatment center that I’ve been to. The staff pushed me into recognizing where I had gone wrong in previous relapses and got me on the road to success toward a bright future.”

    — Jake B.
  • “A place I know I can always go and feel at home.”

    “Not only did RECO warmly welcome and guide me through the tough times during early recovery, they also provided me with lifelong tools and support. After completing the IOP over a year ago, I feel grateful for not only the guidance of the RECO team, but also for the friendships I’ve made in a place I know I can always go and feel at home.”

    — Emily V.
  • “This place saved my life.”

    “This place saved my life. I am now the starting leftfielder on the RECO softball team, and I am also one of the biggest advocates of this place and the things they do for people struggling with addiction.”

    — Josh K.
  • “They have always treated me like family and have done anything they could for me.”

    “I went out on a limb and moved to Delray Beach knowing I needed to seek help. I didn’t know where I was going at first, I just knew I needed recovery in my life! I knew they had hundreds of treatment centers there, though after a few treatment centers wouldn’t accept me, I met Ryan Mack at RECO Intensive. He took me under his wing and introduced me to the whole RECO staff. Since that day, they have always treated me like family and have done anything they could for me. I will always appreciate RECO Intensive for the major impact they had on saving my life.”

    — Blake C.
  • “RECO did for me what I could not do for myself.”

    “RECO did for me what I could not do for myself. I was defiant and hopeless that I would ever be able to live a happy, sober life. With the help from many of the employees, I’m grateful to wake up every morning with a completely new and joyful perspective. I asked for death to take me every second of the day; I thought I was an addict who had been given too many chances. If you have felt like the only option was giving up on yourself completely and your life was too miserable to carry on, give RECO any little hope you have left.

    Mackey, Veronica, Chris G., Lucy, and all the staff will accept you with love and embrace you with wisdom. They will not judge you. Mackey called me every time I was in the hospital and brought me to treatment. As if that weren’t enough, he kept in touch with my mom. She had planned my funeral and now we’re closer than we have ever been. If I had never gone to RECO, I would still be living in misery and dreading my existence. RECO will teach you more than how to have sober fun—they will offer more than you’ve ever dreamed. From the owner Dave to the houses to the house managers, you cannot ask for more. I got my life back, my soul is alive, and I rarely have the urge to drink or use drugs to handle life’s problems. I would not have any of it if RECO had not seen what I couldn’t see in myself.”

    — Mary J.
  • “They helped me pave a path that consisted of growth, integrity, accountability, and trust.”

    “From day one at RECO Intensive, they helped me pave a path that consisted of growth, integrity, accountability, and trust. Not only were they willing to teach me about these principles, but they actually walked with me through life issues and showed me how to apply them. The RECO staff were monumental in helping me develop the coping skills I needed in order to maintain a course of continued sobriety. I’m proud to say that as result of RECO Intensive’s strong commitment to assisting men and women like myself that I personally have been able to enjoy a new way of life, grow spiritually, and help others as well. I express my sincere thanks and gratitude to RECO Intensive for giving me the opportunity. I would recommend their services to anyone who is in need of a life-changing experience.”

    — Tony R.
  • “They understand that recovery is a difficult process and work to ease the burden.”

    “RECO is a great place with great staff. Everyone is friendly and helpful; even the clients were outgoing when I got here. They understand that recovery is a difficult process and work to ease the burden during this time. Plus the houses are pretty awesome!”

    — Sam R.
  • “Assisted me with tools to become the man I am today.”

    “One of the only good IOPs in South Florida. For somebody that didn’t know anyone coming down to Florida, RECO not only helped get me connected, but also assisted me with tools to become the man I am today.”

    — Alexander C.
  • “RECO is the reason I’m still alive today.”

    “RECO is the reason I’m still alive today. It was hard road and nowhere near short, but if you truly listen to what they have to say and the suggestions they give it will change your life just like it did for me.”

    — Jake E.
  • “Absolutely amazing place to have the opportunity to go to.”

    “RECO saved my life. The staff at RECO make all the difference. The entire staff works as a team to make sure that they are doing everything in their power to help you succeed. Absolutely amazing place to have the opportunity to go to. If you do, don’t waste it. Take full advantage!”

    — Taylor R.
  • “Because RECO believes in healing.”

    “I have a life because RECO believes in healing! Thank you!”

    — Kristine P.
  • “This place saved my life.”

    “This place saved my life. Was more effective for me than any other rehab or therapist. They called me out when I was wrong and taught me how to live a normal life and change my thinking. Dave is amazing and really cares about the staff and clients. Healthy environment.”

    — Alex L.
  • “My heart holds a special place for each and every one of them.”

    “RECO is an amazing program with the most amazing staff. My heart holds a special place for each and every one of them. RECO truly is there for there clients and their recovery. RECO has the most genuine, caring staff you’ll ever meet– thank you from bottom of my heart for everything!”

    — Bernadette R.
  • “Great people with the utmost integrity.”

    “Great people with the utmost integrity. I would trust them with my life and I’m grateful God put them in my life when he did.”

    — Travis B.
  • “A new level of client care.”

    “RECO has brought a new level of client care to the recovery community in Delray. From the exceptional housing to the staff who goes the extra mile for the clients, RECO is working to make a difference in the lives of those in early recovery.”

    — Joseph M.
  • “Easily the best.”

    “RECO Intensive is easily the best extended care facility in the country.”

    — Alex L.
  • “The real deal.”

    “Dave. When I first came in, I was at the point of giving up on sobriety and felt as if there was no hope left. We had a conversation the first time we met, and I left the office feeling ten times better and for the first time in a while felt enthusiasm towards sobriety. I told you how I crashed my car and just about lost everything. As I stated before, I was beat down, emotionally unstable, and worst of all, unsure whether or not I wanted to stay sober. As you started to talk about your experience and how quickly things turned around for you, so did my attitude towards sobriety. I have talked with many alcoholics/addicts in my life–counselors, students, men and women with years of sobriety and unlimited knowledge of how to stay sober. Yet the way you talked and shared with me Dave, I felt as if you extremely understood and were compassionate toward my mishaps.
    There are many people in the field of helping others, yet many do not hold the one thing that is crucial in spreading the solution. That one thing is walking and not talking. I’ve seen the good you have done and the many people you have helped. I have heard all good things about you and know by first hand that it is all true. AA/NA need more people like you Dave, people to motivate and spread the message by showing others it is fun and well worth being sober. You showed me that and sold me within ten minutes of talking to you for the first time. As I stated previously I have spoken to many professionals in the business and you are the real deal. If I know of anyone looking for help or services I will not hesitate to recommend you.”

    — Jim M.
  • “Nothing short of amazing.”

    “My experience at RECO has been nothing short of amazing. This has been everything I wanted in a halfway house: I have my freedom, but still have responsibilities to uphold. I credit my sobriety to RECO and everybody who works there.”

    — Andrew L.
  • “Excellent counseling.”

    “I was not entirely enthusiastic about doing an IOP upon beginning RECO. That changed quickly with a great curriculum and excellent counseling. I will absolutely miss RECO and have gained so much from this IOP. Thank you.”

    — Matt D.
  • “I couldn’t have done it without them.”

    “It was an awesome experience with this center. I came to them for alcohol addiction. They were unlike any other treatment center I had been to before. Their strategies were different and worked for me. I couldn’t have done it without them. For healing and recovering from alcohol addiction, their efforts were impressive. Highly recommended.”

    — Martina A.
  • “I loved the holistic approach.”

    “From the first point of contact, I knew I made the right decision. I truly believe that I had success because it was not a ‘one size fits most’ treatment. They designed a customized therapy program specific to my issues and behaviors. I loved the holistic approach. The focus on the mind, body, and spirit connection made all the difference for me. RECO provided me with the knowledge, tools, and support that I needed to begin my healing process, and I am very grateful.”

    — B.
  • “The first place I felt accepted.”

    “RECO was the first place that I felt accepted and understood. I wasn’t just a number, but a person. Thank you everyone.”

    — Monica L.
  • “I am forever grateful.”

    “Their facilities are clean and accommodating and their staff was knowledgable and helped me through the rehabilitation process from day one to the day I completed my treatment. I would recommend RECO Intensive to any one of my friends and loved ones if they were in a similar position that I was in a few months ago. They helped me turn my life around and start living again, and for that I am forever grateful.”

    — Mike W.
  • “Gave me opportunity.”

    “Helped me change my life. RECO helped me and gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. Thanks for helping save my life!”

    — Sydney R.
  • “I am truly grateful.”

    “I am truly grateful for RECO and its amazing staff as a whole. The environment that RECO provided was one of safety and structure. Being in such a healthy environment allowed me to identify my issues, work through them, and move forward with conviction and motivation.”

    — Chris V.
  • “They put their hearts and souls into helping people.”

    “The integrity, passion, and professionalism of the RECO’s management make the difference. These people put their hearts and souls into helping people begin along the road to recovery.”

    — Steve M.
  • “My experience at RECO was life-changing.”

    “As a graduate of RECO University, I have to say it was amazing! I was perfectly transitioned from leaving inpatient treatment to RECO—then into the real world with a career and a 12-step program. My experience at RECO was life-changing because of the staff. From Brian in admissions talking to my dad 100 times about the program or the staff always being positive role models […] My therapists were also top-notch. Our yoga teacher and equine were a great change of pace as well. Who wants to sit in an outpatient program in a strip mall when you can sit on a ranch with a pool? Easiest and best decision I made in my recovery process.”

    — Dana V.

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