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Food Assistance Program

Food Assistance Program

No one at RECO ever has to go without.

Our substance abuse disorder often strips us of the things we need the most. It can cause havoc for us not only on an emotional, physical, and mental level but on a tangible level as well. This means many of our clients come to us without the basics such as the financial ability to purchase food. The food assistance program at RECO was designed to help provide you with the essentials and is broken into three parts.

  1. An initial RECO “snack pack”
  2. Regular transportation to the local food pantry
  3. Application for food stamps with your case manager
  4. Regular trips to the local grocery store


RECO offers continuous food assistance until you are capable and ready to begin gathering the essentials on your own. No one at RECO ever has to go without.

Food Assistance Program

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