Science and medicine have made leaps and bounds within the field of addiction. While substance abuse disorder is not fully understood nor is it curable, today we have multiple tools we can use to help individuals succeed in their sobriety.

Along with therapy, specific medications can be used to help control cravings for substances. For instance, Vivitrol is a significant resource used today amongst the most renowned addiction treatment centers in the country, including RECO.

How Does Vivitrol Treatment Support Opioid and Alcohol Recovery?

Vivitrol (naltrexone) is a cutting-edge treatment that supports sobriety in early recovery after detox is complete. The Vivitrol injection is used to treat alcoholism and opioid dependence. In combination with our Intensive Outpatient Program in Delray Beach, adding the Vivitrol shot can help prevent relapse and protect the progress made in recovery.

What Is Vivitrol?

Vivitrol Outpatient Drug and Alcohol ProgramVivitrol is an extended-release medication that is non-addictive. Vivitrol treatment reduces or eliminates the euphoric effects of depressants and helps prevent relapse by disarming the cycle of triggers and cravings as part of opioid or alcohol treatment.

Vivitrol is administered as an intramuscular injection. Due to its long-lasting effects, the Vivitrol cost of treatment is very affordable. The Vivitrol injection works for up to one month to reduce cravings and support sobriety during opioid withdrawal or outpatient alcohol treatment.

How Does Vivitrol Work?

Vivitrol works as an antagonist to create molecules that bind to opioid receptors in the brain without releasing additional dopamine. After the Vivitrol shot, because these receptors are already bound to the molecules produced by Vivitrol treatment, the opioid molecules cannot attach. This means that even if addictive drugs were to be consumed, they would not generate a dopamine boost and the associated euphoria.

Vivitrol disrupts the body's response to the drug. The Vivitrol shot reduces cravings and allows the brain to return to a normal and healthy chemical balance as part of our Delray Beach Vivitrol alcohol and opioid treatment program.

Why Vivitrol May Work for You

There are many medications that support the detox process, but these are typically very short-acting and only of benefit in the very early stages of addiction treatment. Vivitrol is recommended for use only after 7-14 days of sobriety have been achieved, and it provides a bridge across the time period where cravings are still a daily challenge. Because the Vivitrol injection lasts so long, there are no gaps in the effects and no chance of forgetting a dose.

Even if other medications have not helped curb cravings in the past, Vivitrol works differently and may be the right choice to treat you or your loved one's individual chemical and psychological triggers. Vivitrol medication research has shown excellent results, with users having significantly more opioid- or alcohol-free days and a more than 50% reduction in reported cravings, and being 17 times less likely to relapse when using Vivitrol.

Vivitrol as Part of Outpatient Treatment at RECO Intensive in Delray Beach, FL

As part of RECO Intensive's outpatient program in Delray Beach, we combine the right medications, including Vivitrol, with individual and group counseling, as well as clinical and holistic healing therapies, to treat the burdens of addiction on the mind, body, and spirit.

No one medication can cure addiction, but, with comprehensive care from our Delray Beach outpatient treatment teams, we can provide the right therapies to empower you or your loved ones to break free from the bonds of substance abuse. The Vivitrol shot is only one of many treatment options available.

If you have questions about Vivitrol side effects, opioid dependence, or outpatient alcohol treatment, we have the answers. Contact us today to learn more about how our Vivitrol program supports complete healing from opioid dependence and alcohol addiction.