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Therapeutic Excursions: Tools to Help Aid in Addiction Recovery in Delray Beach

RECO believes that progress occurs through different experiences specifically designed to propel clients beyond their comfort zones.

RECO’s clinical team determines the types of therapeutic excursions based on the current clients’ needs, both individually and communally. Creating an experience for the clients that takes place outside the clinical environment has been a proven tool for evolution in recovery. We believe that growth can be cultivated both inside and outside of the therapy room.

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  • Animal Rescue

    RECO clients will meet at an animal hospital and animal rescue facility in West Palm Beach for one of their excursions. Clients will tour the facilities and lea ... READ MORE
  • Ropes Course

    The ropes course requires clients to learn to work as a team to find solutions. This process of teamwork and problem solving imitates real-life relationships, a ... READ MORE
  • Nature-Based Healing Walks

    Immersion in nature provides access to inner grounding through external quieting. With the beautiful backyard of South Florida serving as a fantastic backdrop f ... READ MORE
  • Community Labyrinths

    The Labyrinth is both an ancient symbol and a contemplative practice in which we learn to communicate with our inner spirits. Designed to facilitate reflective ... READ MORE
  • Community Service Projects

    At RECO, we believe that personal healing and recovery occur most naturally when individuals are given the opportunity to support others. We provide multiple ou ... READ MORE
  • Morikami Japanese Gardens

    Featuring a secluded oasis of lush gardens and a rich cultural history, the Morikami Japanese Gardens and Museum are located in the heart of Delray. With six di ... READ MORE
  • Escape Rooms

    The Escape Room experience is specifically designed to help individuals better themselves through working together with each other. A RECO clinical team member ... READ MORE
  • Competitive Recreation

    Through facilitation of healthy competition, RECO clients are able to interact with their peers in a fun, athletic environment. The RECO softball team plays wee ... READ MORE
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