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Drug and Alcohol Detox

Professional drug and alcohol detox services offer support for those suffering from addiction. Withdrawal, the suffering of going without drugs or alcohol. Detox, the first obstacle you must conquer on the road to long-term recovery.

It’s the first hill. It’s the first step.

To overcome addiction, you have to go through detox. The detoxification process can provide challenges both psychologically and physically for individuals and, in some cases, can be extremely dangerous if done cold turkey or not under the supervision of an experienced medical team at a treatment center.

Once you get past withdrawal symptoms and move forward through detox, you will have a new freedom you didn’t have before. That is the freedom to choose what your next steps will be. Your past physical symptoms of drug addiction will no longer have to dictate your future outcomes. The path in front of you, which looks like the rest of your life, hopes, dreams, and goals, will be cleared of the debris that we know as withdrawal symptoms.

The shaking, the sweating, the clenching, the tapping of your feet, and the movement of your legs as you lay down to sleep. The craving to get high one last time just to get relief, it won’t stand in your way anymore. Nothing has to, and nothing can if you’re willing to undergo the drug detox process and leave your substance abuse in the past.

These withdrawal symptoms, however, sometimes stop us from taking the first step in substance abuse treatment because this is how we assume drug detox has to feel.

When we imagine withdrawal and detox, we imagine the incredibly uncomfortable and slightly disturbing, fear-inducing state that we have all tried to avoid for most of our substance abuse. A good day was a day when we didn’t have to worry about withdrawal symptoms, when we didn’t have to worry about drug detox.

However, with a choice to get sober and attain professional treatment advice, you are giving yourself the ability to be free of this worry for the rest of your life. And not only worry, but discomfort as well. Drug detox is nothing like it used to be. It is nothing like the picture in your head of the early 1900s asylum with crazy delirium tremons at a detox center in the middle of nowhere. The modern world has become progressively advanced and effective at treating withdrawal symptoms from substance abuse, so there are generally mild symptoms in the initial detox process.

Most treatment facilities and detox programs offer medically assisted detox where a licensed professional is there to monitor a patient’s progress and vitals, such as blood pressure, as well as prescribe medications to ease discomfort. Depending on the drug a person is detoxing from, whether opiate drugs, alcohol abuse, or other addictive substances, they may face different withdrawal symptoms. If an individual experiences severe withdrawal symptoms such as delirium tremens, medical professionals will be able to help throughout the treatment process.

In the grand scheme of your life, which is now your sobriety, drug detox will encapsulate between 3-10 days, depending on the form of drug abuse and the specific treatment provider. It will also ensure your first days of physical freedom are safe and comfortable medically.

From there, with these physical chains broken, you will have the opportunity to move freely and choose to continue on to the next stage of your recovery. We hope this next stage will be to break free from the more invasive mental, emotional, and spiritual barriers your substance abuse has placed on you.

Out of the darkness, you can turn towards the light. You can face a new direction. You can look towards a brighter future. We are here to describe for you the detox process. How you can get through it, what it entails.

And if you are ready, which you may or may not be, hold out a helping hand. Delray Beach has plenty of qualified detox centers. We believe in a brighter future for you, even if you can’t see it for yourself or your loved one right now.

How Drug & Alcohol Detox Ends The Cycle Of Drug Addiction

A crucial first step in achieving sobriety, detox under medical supervision serves as a foundation for many forms of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Monitored by a team of medical professionals, the detox process aims to create a space in which substance withdrawal symptoms can safely occur. Whether you suffer from alcohol use disorder accompanied by alcohol withdrawal symptoms or opioid addiction, medically supervised detox by a certified addiction professional can ease your discomfort.

After a complete medical evaluation by licensed mental health professionals, individuals experience the various stages of drug withdrawal and abstinence. As the individual begins to heal, the detoxification of the body from drugs and alcohol acts as the basis for a brighter future.

The Drug and Alcohol Detox Process

The first step in achieving recovery, medically monitored detox, is both a delicate and necessary process. Upon entering a Delray Beach detox program, an individual will be assessed by a team of medical professionals. Detox will take place under strict medical supervision, ensuring each individual’s health, safety and comfortability.

In this critical early stage of abstinence and withdrawal, an individual can experience physical, emotional, and psychological effects. However, in a secure detox center, medical professionals are equipped to treat these effects with services such as medication-assisted treatment, recognizing the fragility of the individual’s condition.

A good example of this is alcohol withdrawal. A person suffering from alcohol withdrawal may experience delirium tremens or seizures during alcohol detox. But a medical detox center is equipped for this and any other withdrawal symptoms that may arise from alcohol withdrawal. They can even go as far as to prescribe specific addiction medicine to make the process safer and also more comfortable.

The treatment provider will give patients medications in specific doses every day to help manage pain and treat withdrawal symptoms. Over a period of time, the dosage of said prescription drugs will be lowered until the addictive substance is totally out of the body.

People often believe that drug and alcohol detox qualifies as addiction treatment, and it is important to realize that the two are very different. Drug detox is merely the physical cleansing of the body or drugs and alcohol, that first step at a treatment facility.

Finding long-term sobriety most often requires some form of addiction treatment programs that include mental health counseling and holistic therapies. Treatment providers in Delray Beach have plenty of options regarding these more comprehensive transformations and mental health services.

Through an individualized treatment plan that addresses substance use disorders and mental health care, treatment center staff will help clients to get to the root causes of their substance use disorder. Upon completing a detox program, individuals will be encouraged to further their recovery through a complementary treatment program such as outpatient rehab or an intensive outpatient program at an accredited treatment facility. As the body recovers, the mind must also recover. Subsequent substance abuse treatment programs are designed to address the after-effects of drug detox, creating capacity for lifelong recovery.

Delray Beach Alcohol & Detox Center

Get Drug Or Alcohol Addiction Treatment In Delray Beach, FL At Reco Intensive

The above service is not part of the RECO Intensive addiction treatment program. However, we recognize that it is necessary and vital to one’s long-term sobriety. If you or a loved one require any services that we do not offer we would be glad to refer you to one of our trusted affiliates.

Though we do not provide a detox program, our addiction treatment center is known as one of the best treatment centers in Delray Beach, Florida and the surrounding West Palm Beach area.

Technically, we also do not provide residential treatment. However, our drug and alcohol rehab facilities do encompass sober living housing, which allows patients in our partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient program to live in supervised drug-free housing close to our addiction treatment center in Delray Beach, FL.

What To Expect In Addiction Treatment After Medical Detox

While most detox programs are provided in an inpatient rehab center, drug treatment for those later in their recovery process may be provided in outpatient treatment programs. In outpatient treatment programs, the patient does not have to live at their treatment center 24/7 as in an inpatient treatment program.

Also sometimes called a residential treatment center, an inpatient treatment center is typically necessary for a drug addict who has severe enough physical or mental health issues that they need to be under the care of addiction specialists at all time to ensure their safety.

However, a residential rehab program is not in fact necessary for most forms of substance abuse treatment. Intensive outpatient programs can provide similarly immersive and more affordable treatment while still allowing patients to maintain some connection with everyday life.

For instance, partial hospitalization treatment programs may incorporate as many as eight hours a day of drug and alcohol treatment on as many as five days a week. Similarly to inpatient treatment programs, an intensive outpatient treatment program will likely consist of a tailored regimen of individual and group therapy.

Patients will probably be assessed for any mental health disorders that may have fueled their drug abuse. These co-occurring disorders will then be addressed with tailored outpatient therapy and, when appropriate, an appropriate prescription drug. For instance, patients with mental disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder may benefit from behavioral therapy focused on desensitizing themselves to reminders of their past trauma.

Behavioral therapy may also work to improve mental health issues by teaching patients to identify and replace negative thought patterns, which can in turn aid them in relapse prevention.

Meanwhile, group therapy will help patients in our drug and alcohol treatment program to connect with others who have had a similar experience with addiction and mental health and develop a shared motivation to recover. Some of these group sessions will utilize the twelve-step method pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous, while others will focus on specific topics like relapse prevention.

Our Delray Beach, FL, drug and alcohol rehab center also makes full use of the famously temperate Delray Beach weather in many of our holistic treatment options. For instance, our outpatient clinic incorporates regular adventure therapy outings to various scenic outdoor locations in Delray Beach, FL.

Why Delray Beach, Florida Is A Prime Destination For Drug Or Alcohol Detox And Further Addiction Treatment

Though Delray Beach, Florida, may be primarily known for its sunny weather, it’s also worth noting that Delray Beach, FL has more treatment centers and drug and alcohol rehab programs than almost any other place in the United States.

This is mostly because the relaxed vibe and amiable climate in Delray Beach, FL attracted many patients in need of addiction treatment over the years, a demand that in turn inspired an abundance of treatment centers in Delray Beach, FL to spring up to cater to it.

Over time, Delray Beach, FL, also developed a reputation as a drug rehab capital, which in turn drew even more people seeking substance abuse treatment programs and mental health services. And of the many people who have come to Delray Beach, Florida, in search of a drug rehab program, many eventually chose to make Delray Beach, FL, their home.

This has resulted in a bustling recovery community in Delray Beach, FL, which itself has also made Delray Beach an even bigger draw for individuals in search of drug rehab or alcohol treatment. For instance, Delray Beach, Florida, has abundant meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and other recovery fellowships, which have shown to be an enormous aid to the success of many people in drug or alcohol rehab.

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