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Cocaine & Crack Addiction Treatment Center in Delray Beach, FL

RECO Intensive has helped numerous clients through their journey of crack and cocaine recovery at our addiction treatment center in Delray Beach, FL. Our priority is helping clients understand the root cause of their addiction and achieve long-term sobriety. If you or a loved one needs crack or cocaine addiction treatment, please call us at 844-955-3042 or use our contact form.

Learn more about cocaine and crack addiction below.

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine and crack (a crystal form of cocaine that can be smoked) are highly addictive drugs. A user’s first experience almost always causes a sense of euphoria and a pleasant numbness in the facial area. These sensations can lead to addiction almost immediately in some individuals, but, for most people, there is a prolonged time between first use and addiction.

The effects of cocaine last only a short time with each use, so users typically need more of the drug to get high over time. What starts out as recreational use may eventually lead to an addiction that takes over a person’s life.

Many users will begin taking the drug when they’re alone, and they may eventually withdraw from friends and family and stop doing the things they enjoy. As a person’s drug use increases, it is virtually inevitable that work, school, and personal and professional relationships will begin to suffer.

A Financial Drain

Lonely Person Walking on Sand on the BeachFinancial troubles are also inevitable with cocaine abuse, as the drug is expensive and highly addictive. The high cost of the drug often leads users to switch to smoking crack cocaine or injecting the drug, which delivers a more powerful high, yet is less expensive.

As users spiral down into their addiction their primary goal each day becomes getting more of the drug. as long as users are able to work they will likely spend most or all of their income on the drug.

Fueling a serious cocaine addiction is so expensive it can even hurt those with a large amount of disposable income. Musician, rapper, and TV personality Flavor Flav admitted spending nearly $6 million on his cocaine addiction over the course of six years, while music producer Scott Storch spent a reported $30 million to fuel his addiction and his insatiable appetite for luxury items.1,2 While these may be extreme examples, they nevertheless illustrate the high cost and out-of-control nature of cocaine addiction.

Cocaine Addiction Affects Men and Women

Overall rates of drug use are generally lower in women than in men, yet cocaine addiction does not discriminate between genders, and cocaine abuse among women has been on the rise.

As of 2008, 39.5% of cocaine abusers were female, according to one study. More men than women abuse cocaine overall, but women tend to increase their rate of use of the drug more rapidly than men. Women may also become addicted more rapidly than men, and they may find it more difficult to quite once addicted.3


Detoxification: Overcoming Chemical Dependency So Healing Can Begin

Help is available at RECO Intensive to overcome cocaine addiction. An addiction treatment program typically starts with medically-supervised detoxification, during which a team of professionals carefully monitors clients through cocaine or crack withdrawal. After cocaine and crack detox, clients can begin the process of healing without the burden of physical dependency.

We offer a continuum of care, including intensive outpatient treatment and sober living in a compassionate and supportive environment to give clients the best chances of success at long-term recovery.

Call RECO Intensive today at 844-955-3042 to learn more about our programs and our state-of-the-art facility in Delray Beach, FL.


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