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Aftercare Programs for Substance Abuse

Sobriety Aftercare Addiction Treatment Programs in Delray Beach, FL

In order to maintain long-term sobriety, individuals must place an important emphasis on recovery in their daily lives, even after completing their initial addiction treatment. As life begins to normalize upon completion of active drug or alcohol rehab, aftercare programs can serve as an integral part of early recovery.

Serving as a fantastic resource to both recovering individuals and their families, aftercare is designed to address the lingering effects of addiction. An aftercare plan may take the form of outpatient treatment after previous treatment at a residential treatment facility, continual therapy or treatment sessions, or continued attendance at support groups.

The recovery process is a lifelong process and must be treated as such in order for a person to achieve it. Alumni of such programs as IOPs (intensive outpatient programs) and our sober living residences are encouraged to continue attending meetings, therapy sessions, and other support groups in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle in recovery.

As described in this fact sheet from the National Institute On Drug Abuse, addiction is a complex disease that often requires a long and complex recovery process. Though there have been adverse consequences alleged from patients leaving American addiction centers without an aftercare plan in place, as a treatment provider, Reco Intensive makes aftercare programs a priority.

Addressing the Lingering Effects of Addiction In Substance Abuse Treatment

Post-treatment, many individuals struggle with identity. Addiction aftercare programs aim to provide a renewed sense of commitment, aiding in this evolving struggle of self-doubt. Through the utilization of employment counseling, alumni events, and therapeutic resources, aftercare programs purposefully guide individuals as they begin to live in sobriety.

At RECO, we understand how vital aftercare programs for substance abuse are and work tirelessly to facilitate each client’s future in long-term recovery. As an individual move through the early stages of sobriety, we supply the appropriate support and resources needed throughout each portion of their journey.

In creating an ongoing network of encouragement and guidance, we also create pathways toward success. Our program grows with each client, and the process of aftercare mirrors the process of growth in recovery.

Through the employment of our alumni programs, our treatment center provides clients with access to our aftercare program from day one. Our Alumni Buddy program introduces each prospective client to a RECO alumnus and allows clients to become invested in the process of aftercare even prior to completing our outpatient treatment programs.

One critical part of our aftercare program is alumni meetings hosted weekly at RECO. These aftercare groups give past and current clients the opportunity to communicate with and learn from each other. This unique approach to aftercare programs encourages and facilitates continued interaction amongst the RECO community.

As each patient nears the end of our time at our drug and alcohol rehab facility, our treatment team will also work with them to develop an individualized aftercare plan for their ongoing care.

This aftercare plan will likely involve continual attendance at outside recovery meetings as well as those hosted by our treatment provider, like the mutual support groups offered by groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and SMART Recovery.

Alcoholics Anonymous and similar twelve step groups are in fact known for being an important aid to the recovery process because they offer a uniquely supportive environment and an infrastructure that guards against relapse.

Since patients are required to attend these recovery meetings while they attend treatment, by the time they leave our drug rehab facility, they will most likely have built up a strong local support network via these mutual support groups, helping them to stay sober in the long run.

Family therapy offered at our treatment centers will also have prepared family members to serve as part of the all-important social support network that can ground individuals in their sober life. An aftercare plan may also involve continual outpatient care for any mental health issues that may be co occurring with drug or alcohol addiction.

Finally, alumni of our treatment center are well-equipped to take on the challenges of early recovery and stay sober long term because relapse prevention is a key focus of our treatment program. In our treatment program, patients are taught valuable coping skills that will prepare them to stave off drug abuse in the real world and a variety of healthy habits that will help them to maintain optimal mental health.

Delray Beach Sobriety Aftercare Treatment

More About Addiction Treatment Services At Reco Intensive

If you are currently seeking addiction treatment or looking to explore additional treatment options for someone you love, you may want to keep Reco Intensive in mind as you browse rehab centers.

We offer high quality behavioral healthcare to patients struggling with drug and alcohol addiction in the form of a variety of individual and group therapy programming. For instance, our group therapy programming includes groups focused on relapse prevention, processing trauma, and gender-specific issues. At our treatment facilities, we also help our patients to address any underlying mental health disorder that may be complicating their recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.

As well as incorporating established treatment practices like cognitive behavioral therapy into our treatment process, we incorporate as a variety of more holistic human services. As discussed above, our treatment team also prepares each patient to stay sober by rendering medical advice and helping them to develop a unique and comprehensive aftercare plan.

We are accredited by the National Institute Of Health, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the National Association of Treatment Providers, and many more organizations with expertise on substance addiction, and are known as a leader in the behavioral health industry.

To learn more about our addiction treatment facility and our aftercare program or about how our treatment options can serve as a private and convenient solution to someone you love who is struggling with drug abuse and mental health issues, feel free to contact our treatment facility today.

You can contact a treatment provider using this form or by phone at 844.955.3042. Our comprehensive mental health treatment options set us apart among American addiction centers and are sure to get you or your loved one back on the road to a brighter future.

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