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Sobriety Aftercare Addiction Treatment Programs in Delray Beach, FL

In order to maintain long-term sobriety, individuals must place important emphasis on recovery in their daily lives. As life begins to normalize upon completion of active treatment, Aftercare Programs serve as an integral part of recovery. Serving as a fantastic resource to both recovering individuals and their families, aftercare is designed to address the lingering effects of addiction. Recovery is a lifelong process, and must be treated as such in order to achieve it. Alumni of such programs as IOPs and sober living are encouraged to continue attending meetings, therapy sessions, and other support groups in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle in recovery.

Delray Beach Sobriety Aftercare Treatment

Addressing the Lingering Effects of Addiction

At RECO, we understand the vitalness of aftercare, and work tirelessly to facilitate each client’s future in long-term recovery. As an individual moves through the early stages of sobriety, we supply the appropriate support and resources needed throughout each portion of their journey. In creating an ongoing network of encouragement and guidance, we also create pathways toward success. Our program grows with each client, and the process of aftercare mirrors the process of growth in recovery. 

Through the employment of our alumni programs, RECO provides clients with access to aftercare resources from day one. Our Alumni Buddy program introduces each prospective client to a RECO alumnus, and allows clients to become invested in the process of aftercare even prior to completing our IOP.

Alumni meetings are hosted weekly at RECO, giving past and current clients the opportunity to communicate with and learn from each other. This unique approach to aftercare programming encourages and facilitates continued interaction amongst the RECO community.

A Renewed Sense of Commitment

Post-treatment, many individuals struggle with identity. Aftercare aims to provide a renewed sense of commitment, aiding in this evolving struggle of self-doubt. Through the utilization of employment counseling, alumni events, and therapeutic resources, aftercare purposefully guides individuals as they begin to live in sobriety.

The above service is not part of the RECO Intensive addiction treatment program. However, we recognize that it is necessary and vital to one’s long-term sobriety. If you or a loved one require any services that we do not offer we would be glad to refer you to one of our trusted affiliates.

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