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Bio, Psych, Social

Bio Psych Social Screening

Sometimes life hurts.

And when it does it can leave a last impacting on us mentally and emotionally. Sometimes our substance abuse disorder causes us legal troubles. Sometimes it can be hard to navigate it all.

The purpose of a bio/psych/social is to figure out what your “sometimes” in your story are, and how they are impacting you presently.

Your assigned therapist will ask questions regarding relationships both familial and romantic. They will also ask about your employment history, what you like to do for fun, and what your support system for recovery looks like. They will want to get an idea of the hurts both tangible and intangible. From this point, your therapist can begin to create a therapeutic plan catered to your story, your hurts, and your life today.

This is where growth can begin.

Bio, Psych, Social

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