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Medical, Physical & Wellness Screening

Medical Physical Wellbeing Screening

Start repairing the damage.

An oft-overlooked part of addiction treatment, your physical health is detrimental to your mental and emotional health. When our bodies feel good, when we are taking care of ourselves, we feel better physically as well as emotionally and mentally.

To say our physical health was a priority during our substance misuse would be an understatement for some. The damage we do while actively using is often significant—we may even pick up some chronic illnesses along the way.

RECO’s medical, physical, and wellness screening is here to help start the repairs. Through regular doctor visits, tests, and check-ups, we will help you treat any current conditions and maintain overall good health during your stay with us. We want you to have every tool available to find success in your sobriety and your life. Our medical, physical, and regular wellness screenings will ensure this part of yourself is moving in a positive direction as you begin to change the trajectory of your life.

Medical, Physical & Wellness Screening

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