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RECO Intensive
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Rational Existential Therapy

Rational Existential Therapy

Creating Healthy Boundaries

Rational Existential Therapy (RET) emphasizes the importance of existence.

Rational Existential Therapy (RET) emphasizes the importance of existence. Particularly in substance use disorder treatment, RET methodology asks clients to answer the tough questions. As clients get to know themselves in a secure, yet deeply personal environment, therapists guide them in setting reasonable expectations for their recovery. An aftereffect of substance use, many clients form irrational perceptions of themselves and the world around them, often overcompensating for the negative behaviors of their pasts.

In RET, we confront these distorted thoughts, aiming to teach clients that recovery is their own responsibility, and that they have the power to choose their own attitude throughout the healing process. Over time, clients align their perceptions of self with their reflections of self, and gain valuable insight into creating healthy boundaries and goals.

The main principle of RET serves to identify and address self-defeating beliefs and behaviors. Feelings of anger, anxiety, depression, and frustration are commonly uncovered in this practice. Through guided exploration of emotion and thought, individuals are given the tools to soothe and understand these emotions, while enhancing their commitment to self and sobriety at RECO.

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