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RECO Intensive
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Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Nutrition & Lifestyle

Transition Toward a Healthier Life

Led by our in-house dietitian and nutritionist, our Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle group meets weekly to discuss and examine the effects of diet on recovery.

In order to thrive in sobriety, we must first establish a solid foundation in nutrition, nurturing the body as it heals. As the body recovers from the physical trauma of addiction, it must be nurtured appropriately in order to create a basis of wellness. Addiction creates damage to the body, and it is often not until the process of recovery begins that we realize the toll it has taken on our health.

Poor diet in active addiction is a troubling, yet common issue. Many addicts do not receive the nutrients that their bodies so desperately need. In recreating a relationship with food through nutritional coaching, individuals begin to understand the lasting impact that diet has upon the physical body. As clients dissociate past eating habits with current lifestyles, they begin to make healthier choices.

At RECO, our nutritionist designs meal plans and provides comprehensive diet analysis, working directly with clients to recreate healthy relationships with food—the source of our energy and physical strength. Working closely with our medical director, our nutritionist focuses on providing a comprehensive nutritional education to each client, ensuring a seamless transition toward a healthier diet and lifestyle.

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