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RECO Intensive Launches New Site

Delray Beach, FL March 15th—Last night, at approximately 8:30pm, RECO Intensive launched their new site which comes after months of development with the local marketing agency OGK.  The minimalist and retro design is the brainchild of owner/founder, philanthropist, and designer, David Niknafs. Dave himself sits on the cutting edge of what addiction treatment needs and should be, and he ensures every detail about and within RECO reflects that.

When asked what the inspiration was behind the new design, Dave told us it was all about energy and restoration. “The inspiration for the new site and design were centered around energy and restoration. Energy is transferable, something we are capable of controlling with enough self-awareness and practice. We instill that in our team, as well as our clients, families, and community partners in order to reinforce positive energy in those that feel depleted and discouraged. We wanted to emulate these transfers throughout the web layout, adding vibrant colors and moving imagery throughout the site. Restoration, is the process of returning someone or something to a previous condition. We are negatively shaped and molded by our experiences in active addition, and often times lose most or all of our inherent morals, thought processes, and abilities to be the individual we were prior to using. Addicts and Alcoholics are some of the kindest, and most empathetic and sensitive people prior to use. This is one of the reasons we are so heavily involved in community activities, sports, and alumni events, to stimulate the inner child by reenacting interests and activities from childhood. The black and white images throughout symbolize addiction as seen when actively using, and subsequently the vibrant colors pre and post active addiction.”

RECO Intensive Launches New Site

Following the line, “Let’s Get Back to a Brighter Future,” we wanted to know how this was different from the old design, and what kind of improvements were made.

“The old site was beautiful, but specific to the times in which we built it. Our society is constantly evolving, and we, as a provider have to evolve too. The same therapeutic modalities that worked ten years ago, may not work today without adjunct alternatives, especially with the younger generations and the expansion of synthetic drugs. Our new site is symbolic of these evolutions, and will again be redesigned as the times continue to change.”

And times are changing, making this kind of design important as it puts RECO on the precipice of what treatment for addiction should and can be in 2019. And you can not only see it, you can feel it. The new website doesn’t cover up or try to hide anything. In fact, some would say that when you see RECO in person it is even better than the website. Which is unusual in an industry that has had a cloud of deceit and “marketing ploys” following it around for many years now.

“Everything about the website, our facilities, properties and all things RECO, are purposely and meticulously designed. If you land on a webpage, or walk into an office, you subconsciously (or consciously) make a judgement within the first few milliseconds of viewing it. The goal is for the viewer to see and feel how much effort and attention to detail was put into the creation, which is reflective of our care, investment, and approach as a facility.” 

Dave told us however, the most important thing for every person who comes into contact with RECO, online or face to face, is that they feel safe and welcome. “We want them to feel capable of removing the many masks we develop as coping mechanisms. We want to see them as clearly as they see us. Additionally, we want them to feel confident about who we are as a facility, as well as individuals, and find excitement and solace in knowing we are a place where healing happens. Whether it’s the individual needing help, their family member, a professional or visitor, we strive to radiate positivity, dedication, and compassion throughout our work on all forums, both virtual and in-person.”

When listening to the him describe the company and their motivations it is no wonder they are touted as the “Google” or “Apple” of the treatment world. Professionals want to work at RECO, individuals want to attend RECO, and other centers want to be like RECO.  Curious minds wonder however, and of course other centers continually ask, how does RECO do it? What is the secret behind RECO’s success?

Dave said, it all starts with effective treatment and ends on the final RECO note, its essence, if you will, The Butterfly Effect.

“There is no global treatment plan, or distinguished alternative and evidence based therapies for all alcoholics, or all cocaine users, for all ages, etc. Each individual is unique in regards to biological, psychological, and social factors, which means treatment planning must be as unique as the individual. To accomplish this, we employ specialty doctors, therapists, and supportive staff, that work in conjunction with each individual, and based on our initial evaluations, structure their treatment plan accordingly. We have our core evidence based groups, individualized care and therapy, in addition to alternative and experiential modalities, such as equine therapy or recovery yoga, which are facilitated by experts in the specialty. To truly be cutting edge, you must employ the right professionals, have proper leadership, and constantly respond to society’s crisis and drug epidemic, all of which we do and have,” he said

RECO Intensive Launches New Site


“One person, one family, one community, and one World. If we can make a difference in just one person’s life, how many people does it effect? For every person we help, let’s be prudent and say that person subsequently helps three people throughout their post-addicted life, and then each of those three people additionally help three other people, and so forth, the result is a lot of positive changes which all stemmed from helping one individual. How many smiles did they put on someone’s face? Even the simplest act of kindness can change someone’s moment of despair, day, or life. That’s the essence behind RECO.”

And that is the essence behind their new site.



RECO’s mission serves to restore light and color to the lives of those suffering from addiction. Through our experiential and comprehensive treatment solutions, we aim to provide a secure, respectful, and empathetic environment in which individuals can truly recover.Employing our expertise in addiction treatment, we work with individuals and their families to foster a renewed capacity for healing, to rebuild relationships, and to create a blueprint for a better life. As firm advocates of collaborative care, we strive to facilitate each individual’s future in lifelong recovery. In the face of addiction, we are all climbing a similar mountain. When left alone, that mountain can feel insuperable. At RECO, we will not only work to climb that mountain with you—many of us have reached its darkest valleys before. We know where you have been, and will invest every ounce of our effort and limitless compassion to ensure a continuous transformation toward the person you will become.



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