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Christopher Pasquale Speaks with Recovery Unscripted Podcast

RECO Director of Operations Christopher Pasquale had a chance to sit down with the Recovery Unscripted podcast at the Moments of Change conference in Palm Beach, Florida, to talk about our culture of postmodernism and how it impacts the the way people view absolute truth.

Pasquale also shares his own story down the road to addiction at a young age and how substance use also took the life of his brother. After that wake-up call, he sought help through his local church, started a youth program and went to college all within a few years. Upon graduating, he took a job as a counselor for the substance abuse program at a local jail. His experience with this and other challenging, yet exciting, opportunities in behavioral health led him to co-found RECO intensive outpatient treatment.

Along with the other co-founders, Pasquale created their vision of how treatment should be done and how the program can respond to the needs of people in a postmodern society. He believes in meeting the individual where they are the minute they walk through the door and helping them on their journey – in whichever direction that person is walking – instead of making them walk down a certain path. His treatment philosophy is to align individuals’ passions with treatment methods to lead them down their own designed and desired path. This helps create a positive outlook on each patient’s future through doing things they love.

Hear the full conversation with Pasquale about his story and how treatment centers can adapt to cultural shifts in his episode of Recovery Unscripted on iTunes, Spotify and the podcast’s website.

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