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Addiction Treatment Programs in South Florida

For most people who struggle with substance use disorders, making the brave decision to seek addiction treatment and commit to drug and alcohol rehab is a very difficult one. And once that step has been taken, they must navigate the often confusing process of choosing which drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs in South Florida to attend.

While South Florida treatment centers are numerous, to the extent that Delray Beach (a small town south of West Palm Beach) has been called the drug and alcohol rehab capital of the USA, it can be difficult for some people to figure out what they should be looking for in substance abuse treatment programs.

For one thing, they first face the quandary of whether to seek outpatient treatment or to look for Florida residential treatment programs. While residential treatment programs require patients to live at their treatment centers 24/7, outpatient rehab centers allow patients to live off-site.

Inpatient drug rehab centers are most appropriate for those who are at a high risk of relapse into their substance use disorders, or who have co-occurring disorders that put them at risk for self-harm or suicide if not in inpatient rehab.

Inpatient drug rehab centers are also likely the best choice for treating substance abuse that has escalated to point of chemical dependency. At that point, medically supervised detox may be necessary so that an addiction treatment specialist capable of rendering medical advice can step in in the case of a medical emergency.

However, medical detox will likely only last a few days to a week, after which a patient may move on to residential rehab or to an intensive outpatient program. Outpatient rehab programs are a more comfortable and realistic option for patients who are unable or unwilling to commit to inpatient rehab programs.

For instance, patients who are in need of addiction treatment but have work or family obligations that preclude their participation in inpatient rehab programs may find outpatient treatment programs to be a more feasible option. And others simply enjoy the increased freedom that outpatient programs provide.

Outpatient programs also generally offer mental health services at a lower price than inpatient rehab centers. Though most private health insurance policies generally pay for drug treatment programs, this also makes outpatient drug rehab centers a better option for people who struggle with substance use disorders as well as financial challenges.

For those who lack private health insurance plans and face financial challenges, there do exist free addiction treatment centers in Florida, though it’s possible that those treatment centers will be lower quality or have fewer amenities than more expensive treatment centers in Florida. Free treatment centers in Florida also may be more difficult to secure a spot at due to high demand.

However, there are also some Florida rehab centers who provide substance abuse treatment priced using a sliding fee scale to accommodate low income patients in need of addiction treatment.

The minimum length of stay at most rehab centers in Florida is around thirty days, but long term rehab programs can last up to ninety days and beyond. Some treatment centers also provide both inpatient rehab and outpatient treatment options, allowing patients to begin their substance abuse treatment on an inpatient basis and continue their drug rehab via outpatient treatment.

Others may choose to begin their addiction treatment at an inpatient drug rehab center and to continue their journey at another treatment facility that includes outpatient programs amongst their addiction treatment options.

Since many people who struggle with substance use disorders also struggle with mental health problems, most treatment programs for drug addiction also incorporate mental health treatment. Dual diagnosis treatment programs are those that specifically focus on treating both substance use disorders and mental health conditions and on addressing the ways that the two issues may be intertwined.

Thus, you may take whether a Florida rehab center incorporates dual diagnosis treatment into account when choosing a South Florida rehab center. You may also want to consider your specific mental health conditions and see if you can find a specific rehab center that specializes in treating them as well as drug addiction.

You also may want to seek out a specific rehab center based on what kind of substance use disorder you suffered from. While plenty of drug rehab centers offer both alcohol and drug rehab, there also exist specialized alcohol rehab centers and drug rehab centers focusing on specific types of illicit drug addiction.

There’s also the matter of medication-assisted treatment to consider. Medication-assisted treatment is a term that addiction treatment providers use to refer to the prescription of medications designed to reduce drug and alcohol cravings in patients recovering from drug abuse. This allows them to focus more fully on their mental health as a whole during substance abuse treatment rather than on their physical symptoms.

Medication-assisted treatment is most often used in the context of opioid addiction. However, medication-assisted treatment may also be prescribed for some patients suffering from alcohol addiction.

Though the concept of medication-assisted treatment is still somewhat controversial in the field of addiction medicine, research shows that medication-assisted treatment is helpful to many patients. For instance, patients provided with medication-assisted treatment were less likely to return to drug abuse, more likely to remain in substance abuse treatment, and more likely to have positive life outcomes, such as improved ability to maintain employment.

Thus, especially for those whose substance abuse involved opioid addiction, finding an addiction recovery center that incorporates medication-assisted treatment into their alcohol and drug treatment program may be a priority in their treatment center search.

You may also want to seek out an addiction treatment center that offers specific treatment options. While some treatment methods are incorporated into the program at almost every addiction recovery center, like individual therapy and group therapy, other treatment options may differ among different addiction treatment providers.


Get Treatment For Drug And Alcohol Addiction at Reco Intensive

Accredited By The Substance abuse And Mental health services administration And Florida Department Of Children And Families

Located close to West Palm Beach in nearby Delray Beach, Reco Intensive is an alcohol and drug rehab treatment center equipped to offer care to patients dealing with all forms of substance abuse as well as psychological addictions. Our addiction treatment center also offers treatment for a variety of mental health conditions that can co-occur with substance abuse problems, including medication-assisted treatment.

As a treatment provider, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing all of our drug rehab patients with comprehensive mental health care. Treatment methods we utilize at our recovery center include a variety of holistic treatment options along with more conventional mental health therapies.

For instance, our treatment center offers yin and vinyasa yoga, creative and expressive arts therapy, and equine-facilitated psychotherapy. We are also staffed by licensed drug treatment professionals including master’s level therapists as well as a psychiatrist equipped to prescribe any necessary medications for co-occurring mental health problems.

We can accept most forms of private health insurance, and you can also check this list of private insurance providers that we work with so you can see if you can expect to have your health insurance accepted.

To learn more about all our alcohol and drug treatment center can offer you or someone you love, feel free to call us anytime at 844.955.3042 or contact us anytime here. There’s no time like the present to get back on the road to better mental health and a brighter future.

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