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A Professional Medical Detox in Delray Beach Florida

Navigating Drug Addiction And Substance Abuse Treatment At A Delray Beach Treatment Center

Substance use disorder is among the most complex and deadly mental health disorders. The condition, which may also sometimes be called drug and alcohol addiction or a substance abuse disorder, is characterized by a person’s compulsive need to engage in substance abuse despite the fact that their drug abuse is causing them profound negative consequences.  A professional medical detox in Delray Beach, Florida can be crucial for recovery; learn more about the process.

A complicated psychological and physical process can fuel the development and continuation of substance abuse disorders. Over time, given habitual substance abuse, both the brain and body become accustomed to that substance abuse, leading the person to need to keep taking drugs just to feel normal rather than to get high and to withdrawal symptoms if and when the substance abuse is eventually stopped.

Thus, for someone who is dealing with drug or alcohol addiction severe enough to create a chemical dependency, beginning a drug treatment program can be particularly daunting. Drug withdrawal can be a physically as well as emotionally complicated process, and drug withdrawal symptoms can sometimes be severe. However, with the help of an appropriate drug or alcohol detox program, most patients can find their way to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction and back onto the road to a better life.

Accordingly, the rest of this page will give you a brief overview of what you or a loved one who is considering a drug rehab program in Delray Beach can expect from the detox process as well as from any other treatment options that they may need at later points in their drug treatment process. It will also introduce you to Reco Intensive, a Delray Beach drug rehab program known as one of the best treatment centers in Delray Beach, Florida and beyond.

Delray Beach is located in Palm Beach County only around half an hour south of West Palm Beach, making it an easy commute for West Palm Beach residents. And Delray Beach Florida is also known as one of the prime destinations nationwide for addiction treatment centers, which means that those who choose Delray Beach as their ideal treatment center location will have access to an unusually large recovery community as well as to Reco’s revolutionary approach.

What You Can Expect From The Drug Detox Process At A Delray Beach Treatment Center

While a medically supervised detox program in Delray Beach may be indicated for those who have developed a a chemical dependency due to any type of alcohol or drug addiction, medically monitored detox is most often indicated for those Delray Beach patients struggling with alcohol addiction and opioid drug addiction.

Outpatient treatment programs, which would involve the patient being given appropriate medication therapy at an outpatient clinic and then being sent home to ride out the detox process on their own, are sometimes offered in Delray Beach for drug detox.

However, inpatient treatment approaches are much more common for patients at this point in the process. In these inpatient rehab programs, also known as residential treatment programs, patients remain at their Delray Beach drug and alcohol rehab center 24/7.

In the case of alcohol detox, this is largely because alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be some of the most severe, and can even be life threatening. In some patients, alcohol withdrawal can cause seizures, tremors, hallucinations, irregular heartbeat, and elevated body temperature, so medically monitored alcohol detox is essential so that medical professionals can step in if needed to address these acutely dangerous symptoms.

And, because detox from benzodiazepines can sometimes cause similarly severe withdrawal symptoms, inpatient rehabilitation in specialized Delray Beach treatment centers is often recommended for those struggling with this iteration of drug addiction as well.

Even if alcohol withdrawal symptoms do not escalate to such an extent that they endanger a Delray Beach patient’s physical health, alcohol rehab facilities still can be a great help to patients recovering from alcohol addiction. This is because medical professionals can also help ease alcohol withdrawal symptoms by providing Delray Beach patients with appropriate prescription drugs, making the detox process more comfortable. The constant supervision that can be provided by a Delray Beach treatment center can also help ensure relapse prevention and commitment to the treatment process.

For these latter reasons, a medically monitored detox treatment center is also often indicated for those struggling with opioid addiction, such as heroin addiction or an addiction to prescription drugs like Oxycodone. Though opioid withdrawal symptoms are rarely life-threatening, they are widely known to be excruciating, so appropriate medication management at qualified Delray Beach treatment centers can help ensure that the patient experience is as close to a pain-free drug detox as is possible.

Moving On To Other Delray Beach Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs After A Medical Detox Treatment Center

Though the detox process is an important part of the addiction treatment process, it is likely only the beginning of a patient’s Delray Beach rehab journey. After a Delray Beach detox treatment center addresses the physical symptoms a drug addict experiences after giving up substance abuse, a treatment program that will likely only last one or two weeks at the most, a period after which the psychological fallout of giving up substance abuse will remain to be reckoned with.

Thus, most Delray Beach patients will require additional addiction treatment services after completing detox. While some drug rehab centers in Delray Beach offer both detox and follow-up treatment programs, other patients transfer from a detox-based rehab center to another Delray Beach drug and alcohol rehab program or treatment center more focused on mental health and long-term recovery.

This follow-up treatment program may be offered through a residential treatment center or as outpatient therapy. Though inpatient treatment centers may be more appropriate to those who suffer from severe co-occurring disorders of mental health that may impact their ability to live safely on their own, others find that intensive outpatient programs are more appropriate to their need.

One particular type of intensive outpatient treatment program you may find offered at your treatment center is known as partial hospitalization. In a partial hospitalization substance abuse treatment program, patients will live at home, but will spend up to eight hours a day on up to five days a week undergoing intensive outpatient therapy at their drug rehab centers.

Partial hospitalization thus affords a unique middle ground to those recovering from drug abuse who cannot commit to full-time drug rehab programs but who may get many of the same benefits from intensive outpatient treatment. Partial hospitalization treatment programs are also usually more affordable treatment options than full-time addiction treatment programs, making them more realistic treatment options for many patients.

The goal of post-detox substance abuse treatment centers will be to teach patients the coping mechanisms they will need to live a life free of drug abuse. Using evidence-based mental health treatment approaches like cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy, addiction specialists will teach patients to have greater mindfulness, to have better communication and emotional regulation skills, and to identify and overcome the negative thought patterns associated with drug abuse.

Another goal of drug rehab is the identification and treatment of any mental disorders that may have been fueling the patient’s drug abuse. For example, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia are all common co-occurring disorders for those in addiction treatment. These mental disorders may be treated with an appropriate prescription drug prescribed by a licensed psychiatrist as well as the appropriate mental health therapy.

In some cases, medication management will also involve a prescription drug that will help reduce the patient’s drug cravings. Behavioral therapy will likely be supplemented by a variety of holistic therapies, which are meant to facilitate the healing of the whole person as opposed to being too narrowly focused on drug and alcohol use that is likely a consequence rather than the cause of an individual’s other negative life circumstances.

Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment At Reco Intensive

Reco Intensive is a Delray Beach rehab center specializing in intensive outpatient treatment. Located just a half-hour south of West Palm Beach, we are widely respected as not only one of the best treatment centers in Delray Beach, Florida but one of the best addiction treatment centers nationwide.

Clients who attend our Delray Beach rehab are given access to a wide variety of drug rehab and mental health services, all overseen by licensed Delray Beach medical professionals who are experts in their respective specialties within the field of addiction treatment.

Treatment options at our drug rehab center include a variety of behavioral therapy options, addiction treatment services specifically aimed at addressing mental health comorbidities, and a variety of holistic therapies including weekly yin and vinyasa yoga, equine therapy, nutritional education, and expressive arts therapy.

Our Delray Beach addiction treatment center also offers a variety of adventure therapy treatment options that take advantage of the uniquely hospitable Delray Beach climate to provide enriching outdoor activities, including outdoor labyrinths, recreation activities, and excursions to Delray Beach botanical gardens.

Also among the adventure therapy options we offer at our Delray Beach addiction treatment center is an excursion to a West Palm Beach animal shelter, where our rehab center clients are encouraged to make connections between their own histories of trauma and the similar backgrounds of the West Palm Beach animals, many of whom have endured unfathomable abuse.

Our Delray Beach addiction treatment center also helps ensure relapse prevention by hosting weekly alumni meetings at our Delray Beach rehab center. This helps our Delray Beach clients to stay connected to the community facilitated by our Delray Beach treatment center long after they have graduated the addiction treatment center themselves.

To learn more about our Delray Beach addiction treatment center and how our staff of Delray Beach medical professionals can help you or your loved one to get started on their road to recovery, feel free to call our Delray Beach representatives anytime at 844.955.3042 or to contact our Delray Beach treatment center at any time here. There’s no time like right now to let our Delray Beach treatment center help you get back on the road to addiction recovery and a brighter future.

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