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Alumni And Aftercare Options In South Florida

The Importance Of An Alumni Program In Your Recovery Journey

While spending time in drug or alcohol addiction treatment programs is an important step in establishing a life free of substance abuse, it is seldom the end point of an individual’s treatment process. Instead, clients who graduate from an addiction recovery program usually find that aftercare services or an alumni program are tremendously helpful in learning to maintain their sobriety after rehab. Ensure you know your alumni and aftercare options in South Florida.

Alumni programs and aftercare programs are designed to provide ongoing support to clients leaving drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs. Offered services may include alumni events, regular meetings, access to exclusive social media groups, and continual access to other forms of recovery support. For instance, some addiction treatment programs may help patients achieve long-term recovery by allowing them to continue to receive treatment services in the form of regular therapy.

Access to an alumni support program helps former clients to stay connected to the recovery community as they maintain their sober lifestyle. Depending on your recovery center, the former clients may also be encouraged to mingle with current patients. This gives rehab patients an inspiring glimpse of what their new life free of substance use may look like if they continue making progress in their recovery program, helping motivate them to continue their treatment.

Substance abuse alumni programs also give many clients a safe place to discuss any sobriety struggles they have experienced since their last meeting while encouraging them to stay committed to the recovery process. It also gives them a chance continue learning from others in their sobriety community. Additionally, forming new relationships at alumni events gives patients the chance to continually build their support system and social network by making new connections at meetings.

Family members may also be welcome participants in an alumni program, encouraged to start participating in some alumni events and the alumni community. Since continual family support can be essential in helping a person in early addiction recovery to maintain their mental health, keeping them involved in the addiction recovery process can be an important step in warding off an addiction relapse.

An aftercare program also may even begin before a patient leaves drug and alcohol rehab, as the medical staff at the patient’s recovery center may assist them in transition planning to facilitate their continued success as they transition out of their recovery programs and back into normal life.

For example, treatment center staff may set the stage for a patient’s success by connecting them to any recovery support system resources in their area, such as twelve-step fellowship meetings, or by providing career services that will help them succeed professionally in their life after rehab and thus to establish a stable life that can support their recovery.

Some patients in early recovery who are leaving addiction treatment also find it helpful to transition into a sober living program. Sober living programs help facilitate recovery from substance abuse disorder by providing an environment free of drugs, while also holding residents to a set of guidelines designed to help them stay in recovery.

Get Help For Substance Abuse Disorder At Our Addiction Treatment Center

Reco Intensive is a drug and alcohol treatment center located in South Florida in the small seaside town of Delray Beach. Our combination of evidence-based treatment and more holistic treatment options allows us to provide comprehensive treatment services to those struggling to overcome addiction, helping them to heal physically, mentally, and spiritually and paving their way to long-term recovery.

Our recovery center is also committed to helping our alumni stay sober long after they complete our initial rehab programs by offering an extensive alumni support program. This alumni program includes special events as well as weekly “Alumni Night” meetings, including a monthly anniversary meeting celebrating the achievements of alumni who have reached recovery milestones.

Our alumni program also takes the unique tactic of pairing each new patient with an alumni buddy who can help guide them through the treatment and recovery process. This benefits each person as it helps alumni avoid relapse by encouraging them to stay connected to the recovery community while helping the person in treatment get oriented to life in our treatment program and in recovery.

If you or a family member are currently struggling with substance use, and you are interested in learning more about how our comprehensive treatment services and alumni program can help support their ongoing recovery, feel free to contact us anytime at 844.955.3042 or online anytime here. There’s no time like right now to get back on the road to a life free of substance use and a bright future in recovery.

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