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How to Pack for Rehab in Delray Beach

What To Expect In Drug Or Alcohol Addiction Treatment In Delray Beach

Addiction treatment in a reputable drug and alcohol treatment facility is an important step when it comes to achieving long term sobriety. Though it is only the first step on a life long recovery journey, drug rehab can be essential to helping patients whose life spiraled out of control due to their chemical dependency to break the cycle of their substance abuse.

In drug and alcohol rehab, patients receive evidence based treatment designed to help them to address any underlying issues that may be pushing them to use drugs and alcohol, such as untreated mental health disorders and unprocessed traumatic experiences. Drug and alcohol rehab can also involve any necessary medical care to help patients deal with physical withdrawal symptoms and with any health issues they may have been neglecting due to their substance use.

The type of drug or alcohol treatment center that you are probably most familiar with are inpatient programs. In inpatient treatment, patients are required to spend all of their time at their addiction treatment center. But while this type of treatment program is appropriate for patients who are struggling with severe substance abuse or mental health issues, other patients can find just as much success with an intensive outpatient program, such as the one we offer at Reco Intensive.

In these types of drug addiction treatment programs, clients receive a full continuum of services designed to address their mental health and get at the root causes of their drug addiction. However, unlike in inpatient treatment programs, patients do not have to spend their entire life at the facility while in treatment.

This allows them to attend meetings of twelve step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous that take place in the community rather than at recovery centers, building meaningful connections with others in recovery and building habits that will help them to maintain a lasting sober life. Patients will also be able to spend more time with their loved ones and to live a more normal everyday life during their treatment while still making recovery their top priority due to the intensive nature of their treatment program.

What You’ll Want With You In Treatment For Drug and Alcohol Addiction In Delray Beach

Located south of Boynton Beach on the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Delray Beach, Florida is an incredible and unusually safe environment for patients seeking lasting recovery. For one thing, the huge amount of treatment centers in the area have made south Florida rich in recovery resources and fostered a large and active sober community in the area.

If you are moving to Delray Beach from out of town to attend addiction treatment as an outpatient, you may also want to consider a sober living residence. Though this option will be less restrictive and will likely less expensive than full residential treatment, it does offer a similar chance to immerse yourself in a therapeutic environment, free of drugs and full of others in early recovery who have a similar resolve to avoid relapse and stay sober.

So, aside from the basic supplies like toiletries and appropriate clothing, you’ll want to pack supplies that can help you make the most of your scenic beach surroundings, such as appropriate swimwear, sunglasses, sunscreen, and sandals or flip flops.

The unique climate of Delray Beach and surrounding cities like Boynton Beach, Florida also make it perfect for the holistic approach that a drug rehab may take towards recovery. Along with traditional forms of therapy, our program also features art therapy, yin and vinyasa yoga, immersive “adventure therapy” excursions, and equine facilitated psychotherapy.

Thus, you’ll want to make sure you have close toed shoes and clothes you can move in so you can fully participate in these recovery oriented activities. If you have chosen an intensive outpatient program, you’ll also have a good deal of free time, so you should bring anything you need to engage in other hobbies that may bring you joy during your recovery.

Other good packing ideas are books or religious texts that you might find inspirational in your recovery or any family keepsakes or photos that will remind you of loved ones you may be temporarily leaving behind to pursue your addiction treatment.

And, while you’ll obviously want to avoid bringing alcohol and drugs, you also may find it useful to avoid bringing any books that romanticize addiction. On the more practical side, you will also likely need a legal form of identification for validation purposes throughout your travels and your treatment in drug rehab.

Get Substance Abuse Treatment In Delray Beach At Reco Intensive

Reco Intensive is a drug rehab treatment center that offers the most effective treatment in Delray Beach. Our personalized treatment plans and comprehensive approach to addiction recovery. We are accredited with the gold seal of approval by the Joint Commission International as well as by organizations like the Florida Department of Children & Family Services, Better Business Bureau, and the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.

To learn more about our admissions process and how you or one of your family members or loved ones can begin their recovery process with Reco Intensive today, feel free to call us anytime at 844.955.3042 or to contact us online anytime here. As devastating as a disease as addiction can be, Reco Intensive is here to help lead your way to a robust recovery and a brighter future.

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