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Healthy Activities in Delray Beach, FL

Life in Delray Beach, FL definitely doesn’t have to be boring, even if you are in recovery for a substance abuse disorder. Along with boasting one of the largest and brightest recovery communities in America, are plenty of sober ways to have fun in the sun to be had in Delray Beach to keep you busy every month from Jan. to Dec., so we’ve rounded up just a few below!

Explore Downtown Delray Beach, Fl

From the Big Apple Shopping Bazaar to regular wellness events to a bustling arts scene, Delray Beach offers quite a lot of unique events, museums, and attractions that give it an edge above other similar cities when it comes to building a joyful recovery landscape, starting with experiences and destinations you can enjoy in or near downtown Delray Beach.

Practice Yoga And Meditation

Wellness events are incredibly important when it comes to maintaining your health, and wellness programs are seldom complete without incorporating yoga and meditation. These forms of exercise help unify the mind and body by combining poses called asanas with breathing exercises and spiritual teachings. Keep your eye out for pop up classes or class series to attend in Delray Beach or visit a local gym or yoga studio to sign up for regular training in this vital and vibrant spiritual practice.

Soak Up The Sun Near Ocean Blvd, Delray Beach, FL

Just off of Ocean Blvd, Delray Beach, FL, you will find the beach itself. The mental health benefits of spending time in the sun and getting your daily exercise in as you are likely to do as you stroll through the sand or go swimming in the crisp blue seas means that beach trips are one of the best regular wellness events you can commit yourself to in your sober life.

Enjoy These Holiday Events In December

Around Dec. of every year, you can start to see evidence of holiday spirit make its way through Delray Beach, FL. As the date of Dec. 25 gets closer, you may hear about special holiday dinners, festive boat parades, tree and menorah lightings, crafting events, and meet and greets with Santa for any little ones with whom you’ll be sharing your Dec. holidays.

Hit Up These Art Events And Art Galleries

The bustling art scene in Delray Beach, Fl is one of its strongest aspects. Particularly in downtown Delray Beach, it doesn’t take long to search the streets and stumble into one of the many incredible art galleries that FL has to offer. Don’t miss events like First Friday art walks, which take place from October to May every year and involve free admission to many of these museums and galleries during that evening.

Shop At Big Apple Shopping Bazaar

The Big Apple Shopping Bazaar is a specialty marketplace designed to resemble New York City, bringing together all of the culture of that city with all the accessibility of Delray Beach, FL. Shop at their boutiques and jewelry showrooms as well as their other eclectic vendors, or pamper yourself at their salon and spa suites.

They also host many fun and enlightening events at the Big Apple Shopping Bazaar, like an upcoming business expo and an upcoming Senior and Boomer expo and health fair, both of which will take place in early February. You can follow the Big Apple Shopping Bazaar on Facebook to stay up to date on these events and their other offerings.

Other Things To Do Near Delray Beach

Visit Morikami Japanese Gardens

Located in southern Delray Beach, Fl, Morikami Japanese Gardens is one of Delray Beach’s most beloved attractions. Be sure you take a day to check out its beautiful series of gardens. These gardens are filled with exotic bonsai and bamboo plants and are inspired by similar but not identical gardens that are found in Japan itself, and are designed to offer a restorative, relaxing experience. The museum also offers rotating exhibitions that celebrate and explore various aspects of Japanese culture.

Explore Nearby West Palm Beach

Though Delray Beach, FL may be your home base, the region has much more to offer you than just this amazing city, so don’t forget your rights to explore outside of it. Slightly north of Delray Beach in the state is West Palm Beach, which has plenty of its own fun events. In Palm Beach, spend a night at relaxing bed and breakfast Casa Grandview, check out the Norton Museum of Arts, and don’t skip a stroll through bustling downtown Cityplace!

Don’t Forget Online Events

If you ever find yourself worried about the accessibility of in person events, such as if you are worried about your health due to COVID, you can always search for online things to do. For instance, you can visit a site that hosts wellness events like virtual yoga or meditation training online, find a streaming concert or play to enjoy, or take the time to attend a virtual support group meeting.

Learn More About Attending Intensive Outpatient Treatment in Delray Beach, FL

The first name that comes to your mind if you’re on a search for the best addiction treatment in Delray Beach, FL should be Reco Intensive. Experts and clients alike agree that the main content of our intensive treatment program is unparalleled when it comes to helping those struggling with addiction deal with their underlying mental health issues and set the stage for their lasting recovery. You can call us anytime at (561) 464-6533, and note that we will respect your rights to privacy and will not share any information you share with us with others. Let’s get back to a brighter future.

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