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Family Therapy for Addiction in Delray Beach

Understanding Substance Abuse

Substance use disorders, also known as drug and alcohol addiction, are defined most basically as mental health issues involving compulsive substance abuse that persists despite profound negative consequences and comes to dominate a person’s life.

Over time, substance abuse disorder can damage both physical health and mental health, as the addiction to drugs begins to take precedence over everything else in their life, such as professional or family obligations. Naturally, addiction also tends to cause profound damage to the personal relationships of the person abusing drugs, and their closest family members bear the brunt of this trauma.

A person’s substance abuse disorder is likely to impact their entire family, who may find themselves having to deal with the unpredictable behavior of the family member abusing drugs and struggling with complex emotions relating to their loved one’s addiction. Unfortunately, family members may also find themselves falling into enabling roles when it comes to their loved one’s addiction, helping to perpetuate unhealthy patterns in their desire to help their family members avoid the negative consequence of their addiction or to maintain a peaceful environment for other family members.

In fact, the extent to which the whole family is affected by and can affect the addiction of one family member has led some addiction experts to refer to drug and alcohol abuse as a “family disease.” But if the entire family system may be part of the problem, it also follows that family members should be a part of the recovery process of the person with addiction as well.

Thus, many addiction treatment programs offer family therapy as part of their substance abuse treatment. To learn more about the basics of what you can expect in family therapy, which is an important part of our Delray Beach addiction treatment program, you can check out the section below!

Why Family Therapy Is An Important Part Of Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment

While family therapy can take many forms, it can be broadly defined as any form of behavioral therapy that addresses the entire family system, though family therapy may also incorporate individual therapy for family members other than the one struggling with drug abuse as well as the form of group therapy sessions incorporating multiple family members.

Family therapy takes as its primary philosophy that healing the entire family system is critical to the healing process of a recovering addict. To start with, the therapeutic environment provides a safe space for family members to air grievances and discuss potentially painful matters while the family therapist can serve as an objective observer and help family members process the fallout.

The family therapist may also help to identify any negative behaviors that may have contributed to the substance abuse issue or to other unhealthy patterns within the family. Family therapy can then focus on resolving these underlying issues and helping family members to develop new, healthier patterns of relating to one another. For instance, the therapist may help family members to develop new skills in areas like emotional regulation, teaching them healthy ways to communicate and to cope with stress.

A drug or alcohol counselor can also help teach family members about the complex disease of substance abuse, which in turn may lead to those family members being better able to understand the experiences of the family member in drug rehab. Family therapy will help inform loved ones that their family member is suffering from a disease based in chemical dependency rather than being deliberately defiant or willful, which could go a long way towards repairing fractured relationships. This education about drug use will also prepare the family to create a supportive environment when the person with addiction leaves inpatient rehab and returns to family life, or while they are participating in an outpatient treatment program.

Having a strong support system is one of the strongest predictors of a person achieving a successful recovery, so this preparation for the family unit to support the person in addiction treatment is critical. Family involvement in addiction treatment can be the difference between the person in recovery having no one to turn when struggling with cravings for drug use and them being able to turn to their whole family for help.

Why Delray Beach, Florida Is An Ideal Place For Drug And Alcohol Rehab

If you’re unfamiliar with Delray Beach, Florida, then you’re in for a treat when you get the chance to learn about and visit this funky town with an unusual reputation. In fact, Delray Beach, FL is known as the USA’s recovery capital because of the abundance of drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in the area.

The relaxed vibe and year round sunny weather in Delray Beach, FL has made it a popular destination not only for many families looking for a neat vacation spot but for many a person looking for a temperate place to begin their recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol. Over time, this has helped to foster a highly active recovery community in the Delray Beach, FL area, another reason that Delray Beach is the perfect place to kickstart a sober life.

If you or a family member are considering addiction treatment in Delray Beach, FL but are not from the area, you should also be aware that Delray Beach is also home to a wide variety of halfway houses and sober living homes. These residences can aid in addiction recovery by providing a supportive and drug and alcohol free environment to someone in outpatient treatment for substance abuse at a lower cost and with fewer restrictions to their personal freedom.

You should also note that family therapy can also be conducted via telehealth if the family unit lives elsewhere and your family member chooses a Delray Beach, FL addiction treatment center. Plus, the fact that Delray Beach is a bustling cultural metropolis, with plenty of art galleries, performance venues, eclectic eateries, and frequent festivities will also make it a joy for any family to visit.

Find Family Therapy for Addiction in Delray Beach, FL

Located in Delray Beach, FL, our addiction treatment center is one of the most widely respected in the South Florida area. Our outpatient treatment program incorporates a variety of programming aimed at helping our patients to achieve long-term sobriety and their whole family unit to heal from the effects of substance use, with couples therapy and family therapy among them.

You’ll also find an array of group therapy and individual therapy options, including scientifically-backed treatment methods like cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy. Our experienced staff is also equipped to provide therapy for a variety of mental health issues as well as for addiction to drugs and alcohol, setting the stage for our clients to stay sober by addressing these underlying issues as well as the addiction to drugs or alcohol in and of itself.

Our Delray Beach drug rehab program also incorporates a variety of more holistic therapy for alcohol and drug abuse, including art therapy, equine-facilitated therapy, and weekly yin and vinyasa yoga sessions. Family involvement is encouraged throughout the treatment process, which you can learn more about from our testimonial page, which includes first-hand accounts from people whose time at our Delray Beach, FL rehab center was essential to their recovery process as well as from satisfied family members of former clients.

To learn more about family therapy and everything else our Delray Beach, FL treatment center offers, feel free to call us anytime at 844.955.3042 or to contact us online anytime here. There’s no time like the present for you or your family member to kick start their recovery process and get back on the road to a life free of drugs and alcohol. In fact, it may be the road to a better life and a brighter future for your entire family.


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