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Understanding Drug Addiction

Substance abuse, also known as drug and alcohol addiction, is a complex mental health condition characterized by compulsive drug abuse that persists despite profound negative consequences. Left unchecked, alcohol or drug addiction can destroy a person’s personal and professional life, and even be fatal, with overdose deaths now being even more horrifyingly commonplace due to the proliferation of uber-toxic medications like fentanyl.  However, with proper substance abuse treatment, it’s possible for anyone to break free from the ugly cycle of drug or alcohol addiction. But before some people struggling with substance abuse can begin their recovery journey, they must first go through the process of drug or alcohol detox. Learn more about our Delray Beach medical detox center.

Why Addiction Treatment Should Begin At A Drug And Alcohol Detox Center

When someone consistently engages in drug abuse, their body may become “used” to the presence of the substance in question, needing it to maintain physical equilibrium. This can lead to withdrawal symptoms as their system “recalibrates” from the effects of substance abuse.

What drug withdrawal symptoms will look like depends to some degree on what substance has been abused, but common withdrawal symptoms include strong cravings for drugs or alcohol, nausea and vomiting, body aches and flu-like symptoms, anxiety, depression, and exhaustion.

Needless to say, this detox process can be at the very least unpleasant, which is why seeking help from addiction professionals in a detox program may be the best option. As opposed to going cold turkey on your own, detox centers can ensure that drug detox takes place in a safe and comfortable environment, with supervision eliminating the risk of giving in to relapse.

At a detox clinic, addiction specialists may also ensure the patient has as close to a pain-free drug detox process as possible by prescribing the appropriate prescription drug to ameliorate withdrawal symptoms. For instance, patients who are detoxing from opiates may be given the prescription drug buprenorphine or methadone. These medications activate opiate receptors to a lesser degree than do drugs of abuse, allowing for relief without the “high” that comes with more addictive opiates.

Supervision by medical professionals at a detox center may also be necessary so that any medical complications that arise during drug or alcohol withdrawal can be adequately treated in a timely manner. Patients who are detoxing from severe alcohol addiction or benzodiazepine addiction are at risk of experiencing potentially life-threatening symptoms like seizures or cardiac irregularities during the course of their detox, and other patients may be at risk of dehydration if vomiting or diarrhea becomes severe. That’s what makes medical detox, specifically ours in Delray Beach, so important for a safe recovery.

Though outpatient treatment may be offered by some detox centers, inpatient rehab programs will usually be more appropriate for this acute withdrawal period. After this period, patients who are still at high risk of relapse may be best off remaining in residential treatment, but intensive outpatient treatment programs are also an option at this point in their journey.

While detox is only the beginning of the drug and alcohol rehab process and the journey to long-term sobriety, intensive outpatient treatment programs allow those recovering from drug abuse substantially more freedom than more restrictive inpatient programs while offering many of the same benefits.

For instance, partial hospitalization addiction treatment will require patients to spend up to eight hours a day on up to five days a week at their treatment facility, offering them plenty of structure and supervision to aid in their recovery program while still allowing them to live at home and attend to any personal and professional obligations that may interfere with their willingness to commit to inpatient treatment.

As outpatient treatment options also tend to be more affordable than inpatient treatment options, they also may be a better fit for anyone whose financial situation may pose an obstacle to drug and alcohol rehab.

After completing their detox process, the focus of the drug rehab program will change from physical symptoms to the psychological aspects of substance abuse. For instance, many people who struggle with addiction also suffer from co-occurring disorders that may have played a part in their substance dependence.

In a drug and alcohol rehab program, addiction specialists can help patients address these underlying mental health issues with methods like behavioral therapy. One of the more common behavioral programs offered as part of addiction treatment is called cognitive behavioral therapy and focuses on helping patients stay sober by teaching them healthier coping mechanisms that they can use instead of relying on drugs.

Addiction treatment also often incorporates group therapy, which gives drug rehab patients a chance to discuss their experiences of addiction and mental health issues with others who have had similar experiences. Group therapy may be inspired by the principles of twelve-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous or may be focused on specific topics such as relapse prevention or cater to patients with specific identities, such as a gender-based treatment group.

Most drug rehab programs also incorporate holistic therapies like yoga, expressive arts therapy, or nutritional education into their rehabilitation program, offering an important chance for patients to heal themselves as a whole person as opposed to focusing on only their pathology. Additionally, most drug or alcohol rehab facilities also have medical professionals on staff who are equipped to prescribe any appropriate medications that may help patients establish better mental health.

Why Delray Beach, Florida Is A Prime Destination For Addiction Treatment

Located around half an hour south of West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Florida is a small beachside town that has the unusual distinction of being known for having more treatment centers for its size than just about anywhere else in the United States.

This has earned Delray Beach, FL the nickname of the “rehab capital” of America. Part of the reason for this is simply that the sunny weather in Delray Beach, FL makes it an appealing destination to people looking to relocate for drug rehab, as many people who enter addiction treatment find it helpful to recover away from the temptations associated with their former drug-centered lifestyle.

The year-round temperate weather in Delray Beach, Florida also allows a Delray Beach rehab center to offer holistic treatments that make full use of the great outdoors, such as excursions to the beach or other scenic Delray Beach spots like Morikami Japanese Gardens.

The abundance of Delray Beach rehab and detox centers has also itself become a draw for some people seeking addiction treatment. Because a significant portion of people who come to Delray Beach, FL to start their sober life end up making Delray Beach their new home, Delray Beach Florida now boasts an incredibly active recovery community. Meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and similar twelve-step programs are thus plentiful, with Delray Beach, FL boasting hundreds a day.

Similarly, Delray Beach, Florida is now home to a variety of halfway houses and sober living residences that may be a perfect fit for recovering addicts transitioning out of their time living in a drug or alcohol rehab center, or who have relocated to Delray Beach, FL for drug or alcohol treatment but are stable enough to live on their own while reporting to an outpatient treatment facility.

Delray Beach, Florida is also a popular tourist destination, meaning that it is also easy for people transitioning from time in drug treatment back to everyday life to find low-stress “recovery jobs” in the restaurant industry that they can use to help regain a sense of purpose and stability.

Aside from the status that Delray Beach, Florida holds as a place where drug treatment centers are plentiful, it’s also worth noting that Delray Beach, FL is also a uniquely eclectic and culturally rich city that’s simply a fun and exciting place to live. Delray Beach, FL is home to an arts district bustling with galleries, a thriving music and theatre scene, and frequent street festivals, making for plenty of ways to have fun while staying sober. The close proximity of Delray Beach, FL to other equally exciting Florida cities like West Palm Beach and Miami also makes Delray Beach, FL a particularly enjoyable place to live as well as to pursue drug or alcohol treatment. Even more reason we stand by our Delray Beach medical detox options for recovery.

Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment In Delray Beach, Florida At Reco Intensive

Our Delray Beach, Florida treatment center is known as one of the best treatment centers not only in the Delray Beach, FL area but nationwide. We are unique among treatment centers in our incorporation not only of a wide variety of scientifically-backed therapeutic services but also of holistic treatment methods, including many that make the most of our Delray Beach, FL location, like outdoor recreation programs and various other adventure therapy excursions.

While our addiction treatment center in Delray Beach, FL does not offer detox services, we will be happy to put you in touch with one of our trusted affiliates if you need to begin your drug or alcohol treatment journey under the supervision of medical professionals. To learn more about our Delray Beach, FL treatment center or about how you or a loved one can get on the road to recovery today, feel free to call us anytime at 844.955.3042 or to contact us online anytime here. There’s no time to waste in getting back on the road to a brighter future!

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