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Employee Spotlight | Honoring Our Veteran, George Morris

George Morris is our Director of Residential Services here at team RECO. And while he is many things to many of us here (i.e. Georgie, old man etc. sorry George), he most importantly is a veteran who served his country. In honor of George and his service, in honor of our veteran here at RECO, here is his story.

George joined the military straight out of high school.

“I didn’t always know I wanted to join the military.”

Growing up in Venice, FL, as graduation for high school seniors loomed, recruiters would start to visit. George was visited by recruiters from every branch in the military. The Army, the Navy, the Air Force, and the Marine Corps.

When trying to make a decision about which branch he was going to join, George, at 17/18 used a system of elimination which included thoughts such as not liking the Navy’s uniforms and not being a huge fan of the Air Force.

And at the end of the day, George’s choice would be the Army.

Young Veteran, George Morris

Only because the Marine Corps, “was too intimidating” George says.

After speaking with his father about his choice to join the Army however, George would change his mind and end up joining the branch that intimidated him the most. “My dad told me if I didn’t go to the Marine Corps I would always regret it.”

And with that, he became a Marine private bound for bootcamp in Paris Island, SC.

“It certainly wasn’t a picnic.”

Following bootcamp, George’s military career would take him across the continental US to begin infantry training in California. It would then bring him back across the country to Hampton, VA, where he would become a part of the security forces, his secondary military occupational specialty. With the training behind him, George would begin 2 years of Sea duty on the aircraft carrier, the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

Young Veteran, George Morris“Security of the vessel was our mission.”

Completing his Sea Duty, he would then land in Camp Lejeune, where he would become a Marine Corporal in the Fleet Marines. As a part of the Fleet Marines, George began his deployment to Iraq during Desert Storm and Desert Shield. Once George returned, his baby boy was a month old and he had quite an impressive resume.

By the time George left the marines his rank would increase from Marine Private, to Marine Corporal, a non-commissioned officer with the recognizable red stripe down their blue dress uniform pants.

“The red stripe signifies Marine blood loss.”Young Veteran, George Morris

He would also be an expert with the rifle, a sharp shooter with the pistol, and be awarded 3 medals and 5 ribbons.

When asked if his experience had given him any words of wisdom he could share with us and with those thinking about recovery he simply said, “Don’t be afraid to fail. At least if you try, you have no regrets.” Echoing closely what his father had told him before he joined the Marine Corps.

With that said, we hope everyone reading this will always continue to give their best in spite of. That they never let fear hold them back from achieving anything they want in this life.

George Morris is our Residential Director of Services. He is the glue that keeps the whole operation going. And we couldn’t be any prouder to have him on our team. As a friend, as a colleague, as a veteran.


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