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What to Expect In An Outpatient Rehab In Delray Beach, FL

Though making the decision to pursue a drug rehab program is never easy, when dealing with a serious drug or alcohol addiction, it is often the critical first step to recapturing a fulfilling life. And one small Palm Beach County town, Delray Beach, FL, has become one of the most popular destinations for those seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, to the extent that Delray Beach has even become known as the drug and alcohol rehab “capital” because of its abundant rehab programs.

If you’re currently considering rehab in Delray Beach, FL but want to learn a bit more about what you can expect from Delray Beach rehab and the recovery process, our brief guide below will help inform you about the difference between an outpatient program and inpatient programs, as well as about what you can expect from substance abuse treatment more generally.

Inpatient Treatment Vs Outpatient Treatment Programs

Depending on the degree to which someone is suffering from physical dependence when they begin substance abuse treatment, their journey may begin in drug or alcohol detox. Such a medical detox program is often necessary for patients whose drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms are severe enough that they pose a risk to physical or mental health without proper supervision by medical professionals.

After they receive drug detox services and are free from the most acute effects of physical withdrawal, patients can move on to addressing the psychological underpinnings of their substance abuse. When deciding on the next step in their drug or alcohol treatment journey, they may face the distinction between inpatient treatment programs and outpatient treatment programs.

Inpatient rehab, which involves living full-time at an addiction treatment facility, is necessary for patients who still require medical supervision to ensure relapse prevention after they complete detox. But patients who are deemed to be at a lower risk may be able to seek help through less restrictive outpatient programs, which offer the intensive therapy necessary to combat a severe addiction problem but do not require the same 24/7 commitment as inpatient rehabilitation does.

While participating in intensive outpatient programs, patients will receive a similar drug treatment program to the one they might find in residential treatment but will live either at home or in an outside halfway house as opposed to in the rehab center itself.

In the most intensive of these programs, known as a partial hospitalization program, patients may attend outpatient therapy for as many as eight hours a day on as many as five days a week, making the options truly comparable in terms of fully immersing Delray Beach patients in the world of recovery.

Choosing this option will allow Delray Beach residents to continue to fulfill professional or family obligations while undergoing drug or alcohol treatment, making it more accessible to many people in search of addiction treatment. It will also allow out-of-towners considering rehab in Delray Beach more personal freedom as they complete their recovery program, making it more emotionally palatable for many.

An intensive outpatient program is also often a more financially friendly option when it comes to drug and alcohol rehab in Delray Beach. Additionally, it can also be a suitable “step down” for patients leaving inpatient drug rehab who still do not feel ready for a fully independent life in Delray Beach.

Once a patient is enrolled in an intensive outpatient addiction treatment center, one of the cornerstones of their treatment plan will likely be individual therapy. In these therapy sessions, addiction specialists will work with the patient using proven modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy to teach the patient how they can cope with life’s stressors without relying on drug abuse.

Most treatment centers also incorporate some form of group therapy, which has a special place in the world of addiction recovery due to the isolating nature of drug addiction. These experiences provide a chance for patients to connect with others who have experienced similar struggles, which helps patients to rebuild their self esteem and to build healthy support systems.

Treatment advisors will tailor each individual’s experience to their unique needs, incorporating other options like family therapy, career counseling, and trauma therapy as needed. For some Delray Beach patients, medication assisted treatment may also be a helpful option for combatting substance abuse issues.

At many treatment facilities, including at our Delray Beach drug rehab, medical professionals with the appropriate credentials are on staff specifically to see to any necessary medication management. This could include treatment for any co-occurring mental health issues or medication specifically designed to reduce cravings for drugs and alcohol.

For instance, our intensive outpatient program sometimes incorporates the medication Vivitrol, a monthly injection that helps patients in recovery from opioid or alcohol abuse to experience fewer cravings.

Finally, one of the reasons that Delray Beach, FL has become such a popular destination for those in need of a drug or alcohol rehab center is the sunny weather South Florida has to offer. This uniquely hospitable environment can lend itself to a variety of holistic wellness activities designed to foster a healthy sober lifestyle. This can be an important factor in patient satisfaction, which in turn often affects rehab programs’ success rates.

For example, at our Delray Beach treatment center, offerings like equine assisted therapy, adventure therapy outings to restorative natural locations, and weekly yin and vinyasa yoga sessions join the proven therapeutic guidance offered by our rehab program to round out the patient’s experience and help them to heal as “whole person” on a deeper spiritual level.

Addiction Treatment In Delray Beach, FL at Reco Intensive

Known as one the best treatment centers in the Delray Beach area, Reco Intensive is an addiction treatment facility offering intensive outpatient treatment to locals and newcomers alike.

For Delray Beach clients and for any out of towners considering traveling to South Florida to begin their recovery journey, our intensive outpatient rehab offers a uniquely empathetic addiction treatment program that approaches drug rehab from a comprehensive lens.

Our treatment center has also amassed a vibrant and supportive Delray Beach alumni community, supporting those who have previously completed our drug rehab programs with weekly meetings and other engaging events.

Some of our Delray Beach rehab clients also choose to reside in our sober living housing options, known as the Reco Institute. These options help our drug and alcohol rehab clients to remain accountable to treatment center policies by holding them to additional guidelines while providing them with even more support and an enhanced sense of community.

To learn more about outpatient rehab at our Delray Beach, FL treatment center, you can call us anytime at 844.955.3042 or contact us online here. There’s no time like the present and no place like Delray Beach to get back on the road to a brighter future.

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