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What is Delray Beach Known For?

Though Delray Beach may be known to some for its status as America’s “rehab capital,” this scenic beach hidden gem also ought to be known for being the most fun small town around. Built on a barrier island, Delray Beach, FL was incorporated in 1911, after previously being known as “Linton” after the Michigan politician William Linton.

Whether you’re here for fun, visiting a loved one at Delray Beach intensive outpatient program Reco Intensive, or a participant in the program you’re self, you can use this guide to clue you in on some of the best eateries, events, and venues that Delray Beach is known for. Wherever you’re coming from, be it a California or a Detroit neighborhood, you’re likely to find something new and exciting to suit your fancy in this unforgettable beach resort town and to keep Delray Beach in your thoughts for years to come.

Explore Downtown Delray Beach

Located close to the Atlantic Ocean, this popular destination for Delray Beach residents and tourists alike is always bustling with activity. Community events like art fairs, wellness conventions, and an annual holiday tree lighting make the downtown Delray Beach center Atlantic Avenue a hopping place throughout the year.

Delray Beach is also an incredibly culturally rich city. If the performing arts are your jam, you may want to see what’s playing at the Delray Beach Playhouse, or at the multifaceted concert venue and gallery Arts Garage.

Then there’s Old School Square, built from a restored elementary school, (the closed Delray Elementary School) hence the memorable nickname. Old School Square is the site of the spiffy Crest Theatre, and also hosts frequent free outdoor concerts that anyone can attend if they arrive early enough to nab a good spot!

Upstairs at the Crest, you’ll also find Old School’s Creative Arts School, which offers classes in disciplines like Art, Photography, and Writing for kids and adults alike. Finally, Old School Square’s Cornell Art Museum is one of the best art galleries in the Delray Beach, FL area.

One block north and one block south of Atlantic Ave, you’ll also find the West Atlantic district, a historic and diverse collection of art galleries, a public library, and other culturally rich small businesses.

Then, from NE 2nd Avenue to 4th street, you’ll find the Pineapple Grove Arts District, best known around Delray Beach for its abundant fine art galleries as well as for its boutique gift shop options and eclectic public artwork.

You’ll also find historic sites scattered in and around Downtown Delray Beach, like the Orange Grove House. The Orange Grove House was built to serve as a house of refuge for passing victims of shipwrecks, and indeed provided it to many who found themselves stranded in Delray Beach, Florida.

Also of particular historical note is the Colony Hotel and Cabana Club, which you can find on east Atlantic Avenue. This beach-side hotel is one of the most important landmarks in Delray Beach, having been one of the city’s centerpieces since the 1920s.

Hit The Beautiful Beaches That Gave Delray Beach Its Name

If you’re looking for a sandy beach around downtown Delray Beach, Florida, you have no shortage of options in the area. Just for a start, you’ve got Atlantic Dunes Park, Gulfstream Park, and Delray Municipal Beach, a public beach close to Atlantic Avenue.

According to Travel Holiday magazine, Delray Municipal Beach is the top beach on the entire south-east coast, so it may be the best beach for you to begin your Delray adventures. Maybe you’d simply like to lounge on the sandy shore or go for a swim, but you could also investigate beach activities ranging from pop up yoga to surf lessons to parasailing. Fishing charters in the Delray Beach Florida area like Operationtek and SF Fishing Adventures also might appeal to the adventurous looking to explore everything Delray Beach has to offer.

If you’re in the mood for an ocean course that’s a little more private, you could also stay at an upscale resort option that gives you access to an exclusive beach. For instance, you can check out the Opal Grand Resort or Seagate Hotel and Spa, both of which have exciting hot tub and swimming pool options for your pleasure if you’re sick of the beach itself but still want to soak up more Delray Beach sun.

Spend Some Time In The Great Outdoors In Delray Beach, FL

Trips to the beach aren’t the only way you can spend time in nature in Delray Beach, Florida. For instance, tourist attractions such as the Wakodahatchee Wetlands provide you with plenty of opportunities to soak up the Delray Beach sun.

Wakodahatchee Wetlands park is a preserve boasting a three quarter mile boardwalk of nature trails and spanning 50 acres. Perusing this park may allow you the chance to observe over 178 species of birds as well as other animals like alligators and turtles in a charming natural setting.

But Wakodahatchee Wetlands aren’t your only option for communing with unique animals in Delray Beach, Florida. There’s also Sandoway Discovery Center, a nature center on Ocean Avenue notable for its coral reef pool, in which you can view sharks, fish, and reptiles in an environment closely replicating their natural habitats. Sandoway Discovery Center also is host to an observation deck, a shell collection, and a native plant and butterfly garden.

As well as at the many smaller parks scattered around Delray Beach, you also can enjoy nature at Delray Beach’s Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. Modeled after a traditional Japanese villa, this museum is the site of rotating exhibits exploring Japanese culture as well as of six Japanese gardens, each inspired by a traditional garden in Japan. You can also grab a bite at their open air Cornell Cafe, a Delray Beach restaurant overlooking the gardens and serving delicious pan-Asian fare.

Finally, for a more active way to enjoy nature in Delray Beach, there’s golf courses like the Gulfstream Golf Club and Delray Beach Golf Club quite close to Downtown Delray Beach, or you can check out the Tennis Club in Downtown Delray Beach, FL if you’re still in a sporty mood.

Eat And Drink In Delray Beach, FL

There’s certainly no shortage of unique eateries in Delray Beach Florida. Right on the intracoastal waterway, there’s Deck 84, an upscale al fresco restaurant located on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, FL which has been on Opentable Diners top 100 list for years and boasts a variety of seafood and casual American favorites.

Also on Atlantic Avenue, you’ll find a full sushi bar at City Oyster, Latin American fare at Cabana Restaurant and Rocco’s Tacos, and off-beat American cuisine at The Office and Dada’s. For dessert, you can check out Sloan’s, which sells luxury ice cream creations as well as other confections.

If you want to travel a little further off of the beaten path for a more eclectic culinary experience in Delray Beach Florida, there’s the Girls Strawberry U Pick, a gourmet country store and attraction at which you can pick your own strawberries from their lush fields as well as dine at their Bambini’s Garden Pizzeria and try more sweet treats at their on-site bakery and ice cream parlor.

Then, while it would obviously be a poor choice for anyone in recovery, those who are comfortable with alcohol use may enjoy an excursion to Saltwater Brewery, a popular tasting room and microbrewery located just a few minutes from downtown Delray Beach. Saltwater Brewery also often hosts food trucks and events, so there should be something for everyone to enjoy!

Explore Nearby West Palm Beach And The Rest Of Palm Beach County

Though Delray Beach, Florida may be the most fun small town you’ve ever experienced, you don’t have to limit yourself to only this area of the palm beaches on a trip there, especially when there is also so much fun to be had in nearby Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Boynton Beach, and West Palm Beach. The palm beaches is bursting with lots of fun tourist attractions in the area as well as cities like Orlando only a few hours away, with theatres, museums, and galleries spanning the entire area.

Addiction Recovery in Downtown Delray Beach With Reco Intensive

Everything that makes Delray Beach so relaxing to its visitors also makes it a perfect place for anyone recovering from addiction to restart their lives with the help of a rehab program. Along with evidence backed therapies provided by licensed professionals, treatment plans at Reco Intensive incorporate holistic therapies like healing outings to Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, weekly yin and vinyasa yoga sessions, and even equine facilitated psychotherapy that make the most of Delray Beach’s sunny setting.

To learn more about Reco Intensive and how we can help you or a loved one break free from addiction, call us anytime at 844.955.3042 or contact us online here.

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