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The Benefits of Attending Addiction Treatment in Delray Beach, Florida

The Benefits Of Attending Addiction Treatment In Delray Beach Florida

Far from being a moral failing or personal choice, substance use disorder (also referred to as drug and alcohol addiction) is one of the most dangerous mental health issues around. The disease is defined by substance abuse that continues despite significant negative consequences and can grow to threaten as well as dominate the lives of people who suffer from it, as well as those of their family members and other loved ones. For this reason, it is usually recommended that someone with a sufficiently severe substance dependence begin drug or alcohol treatment as soon as possible in a reputable rehab center equipped to handle their illness, as the problem will only become more entrenched as time goes on. For those in Florida, considering addiction treatment at our facility in Delray Beach, Florida, is important to ensure an effective and safe addiction recovery process.

If a person beginning addiction treatment has developed a physical drug or alcohol dependence during the course of their addiction, they may need to go through a detox program before they can begin to deal with the psychological aspects of their substance abuse.

Depending on the drug abused, physical withdrawal symptoms can be quite serious, often necessitating inpatient detox so that medical professionals can supervise the detox process and step into to offer medical support in the case of an emergency. In particular, alcohol withdrawal symptoms can even be fatal, so alcohol detox should never be done without professional guidance.

However, ending chemical dependency is only the first step in conquering a condition as complex as drug addiction. After drug or alcohol detox, a patient will generally be directed to a drug or alcohol rehab program for long term addiction treatment. A typical drug or alcohol addiction treatment program will last for at least thirty days, and other drug or alcohol treatment programs may last as long as ninety.

The length of stay needed in drug rehab for effective treatment may vary based on the severity of an individual’s addiction, as might whether inpatient rehab or an outpatient treatment program is recommended.

The Differences Between Inpatient Treatment Programs And Outpatient Treatment Programs For Drug And Alcohol Rehab

An inpatient treatment program is likely necessary for a drug addict who is not confident that they can avoid relapse or who has mental health issues severe enough that they may be a danger to themselves if not in residential rehab. But a less restrictive outpatient program may be suitable for those who require ongoing support to stay sober but are stable enough to live on their own or with family.

Inpatient therapy tends to be more expensive than outpatient rehab, and outpatient treatment programs also have the advantage of allowing patients more personal freedom or to continue in their work or family obligations. Some patients may begin their recovery in inpatient programs and gradually step down to outpatient programs as they regain their mental health.

One popular middle ground between the 24/7 supervision of an inpatient program and the fewer strictures of an outpatient program that some people in recovery find helpful is staying in a halfway house or sober living residence. A sober living residence can provide a supervised drug free environment to a patient in an outpatient program, offering them greater accountability, but will still generally be lower cost than an inpatient program.

Aside from the matter of residence, outpatient treatment centers and inpatient rehab tend to offer similar treatment options, and can provide a similarly comprehensive drug treatment program to someone beginning their recovery journey. In fact, an intensive outpatient program can sometimes require a time commitment of up to eight hours a day on up to five days a week, making it similarly immersive to many inpatient programs.

What To Expect In Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Whether you end up pursuing inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment, the cornerstone of your substance abuse treatment program is likely to be a variety of therapy sessions. At our Delray Beach treatment center, each patient is first assessed by our treatment facility staff, who will question them about their physical health and mental health status, any relevant medical history, and their basic life history, finding out what factors drove them towards drug addiction and what makes them tick.

From there, the staff can work to develop an individualized treatment plan. These personalized treatment plans allow our treatment center staff to offer useful guidance based on their individual needs, and to target specific underlying issues. Any co occurring disorders complicating the patient’s drug addiction will also be identified and treated appropriately.

In some cases, this may require medication, and medical professionals on our staff may also prescribe medications meant to help ameliorate cravings or continual withdrawal symptoms, thus allowing the patient more mental resources to devote to their recovery.

Our Delray Beach treatment facility also incorporates an array of group therapy programming, including group counseling focused on issues specific to each gender and other more general educational programming focused on subjects like healthy coping mechanisms.

All patients are also required to attend meetings of the twelve step program Alcoholics Anonymous or a similar group applicable to their specific form of drug addiction. This will help set the stage for the work each patient will need to do as they move forward in their recovery journey after their time at our addiction treatment center by instilling involvement in the wider Delray Beach recovery community as a healthy habit.

Why Rehab In Delray Beach Florida Could Be Your Best Option For Seeking Addiction Treatment

Delray Beach, Florida is a scenic beachside town that’s a popular tourist destination. But Delray Beach is also well known for a somewhat unexpected reason: its unusual abundance of addiction treatment centers. Rehab in Delray Beach, Florida seemed like an appealing idea to many out of towners due to Florida’s famously sunny climate, and more and more recovery centers sprang up here due to this demand.

The result is that Delray Beach, Florida boasts an unusually large recovery community and a large amount of recovery resources, like an abundance of meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and similar fellowships. Jobs in the tourism industry are also plentiful in Delray Beach, meaning that people looking to get back on their feet after leaving inpatient rehab or during outpatient rehab typically have many options.

Outpatient Rehab In Delray Beach Florida At Reco Intensive

Reco Intensive is a drug and alcohol rehab program located in Delray Beach, Florida. Our rehab center caters to patients suffering from all forms of substance abuse with a variety of treatment options, incorporating both traditional behavioral therapy and more holistic outings and offerings, such as weekly yoga sessions and expressive art therapy.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our Delray Beach, Florida drug and alcohol treatment center can help you or one of your family members break free from drug and alcohol abuse, feel free to call us anytime at 844.955.3042 or to contact us online anytime here. There’s no time like the present to get back on the road to a brighter future.

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