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South Florida’s Annual Recovery Dodgeball Event

This year’s annual recovery dodgeball event went off without a hitch. There were balls and dodging of the balls, and well, lots of fun, food and so much more. While RECO didn’t manage to come out on top, it was still a win for everyone involved. As can be attested to from the pictures seen below.

RECO Dodgeball EventThe South Florida Annual Recovery Dodgeball Event is hosted annually, benefiting a different non-profit organization each year. This event is free to the recovery community and its supporters. Treatment facility clients, staff, and alumni, local sober living homes, 12 step clubhouses and anyone supportive of those in recovery are invited to attend.

Delray Beach Annual Dodgeball Event

RECO had the honor of being a participant in the heated competition for dodgeball bragging rights and also as a host and sponsor, for the 4th year in a row.

The RECO team, made up of the best and brightest dodgeball players RECO had to offer, put in their most fierce dodgeball effort. Balls were flying, brows were furrowed, dips and dives commenced. They gave it a valiant effort, and happened to come up just a little short of the gold. RECO earned a silver trophy this year, coming in second overall. There is always next year though. Next year when RECO will regain their title as number one in the recovery dodgeball world. We look forward to seeing everyone there, 2019! If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. To see more of the action live and in color follow click here: RECO DODGEBALL ACTION


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