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Sober Spotlight: Celebrities in Recovery

“For those of you who have relapsed, know that your experiences are not wasted, but serve to aid others who suffer. And remember, it is never too late to stop for the last time.”

– Ben Haggerty, better known as Macklemore

I think a lot of people are undereducated when it comes to sobriety; whether you are sober, want to be sober, think you have a problem, or don’t think you do. I know that I was completely clueless a year ago. I did not think that sobriety was a thing. In my head, I believed that when someone received help for their problem, it was to be able to moderate usage, not quit. Dumb? I don’t think it’s dumb to think that if you have never experienced a world a recovering addict lives in. I had heard personally, from friends who were sober, say that they wanted to be normal. Normal meaning they want to drink socially, and then not have their brain crave it. Drinking at brunch or bars, at parties, toasts at dinner, etc… whatever normal means to you. I don’t necessarily think drinking is normal. The feelings I personally got from drinking are not pleasurable. I’m what you call a lightweight: I cry, I become obnoxious, nausea kicks in, aggressive eating, dumb decisions, you name it. It is important to do your research when seeking help.

I know a lot of people who emulate celebrities… I mean they do SEEM to have perfect lives. I like to watch TV, and watch their lives, but I do not understand why their lives seem so exciting to everyone. Be your own person and have your own goals. Money doesn’t mean happiness. Everyone looks up to someone, and having a role model, of any form, is great. For people like me, you may not know that celebrities themselves struggle with addiction and actually have to ask for help. What? You mean they are not “perfect”? If you ask me, I think its admirable (a quality not too many famous humans possess) that they admit the downfalls that contributed to their rises, in a public forum. Maybe a person who struggles with wanting to be normal will appreciate knowing of successful people who are also sober. So what BIG NAME celebrities are sober? I will tell you!

  • Macklemore, sober since 2008
  • Bradley Cooper, sober since 2004
  • Jennifer Hudson, clean her whole life
  • Joe Manganiello, sober since 2003
  • Blake Lively, clean her whole life
  • Russell Brand, sober since 2003
  • Edie Falco, sober since 1992
  • Christina Ricci, sober since 2008
  • Matthew Perry, sober since 2011
  • Kristin Davis, sober since 1987
  • Eminem, sober since 2008
  • Colin Farrell, sober since 2006
  • Keith Urban, sober since 2006
  • Gerard Butler, sober since 2012
  • Eva Mendes, sober since 2008
  • Kat Von D, sober since 2007
  • Robert Downey Jr., sober since 2003
  • Jack Osbourne, sober since 2003
  • Tim McGraw, sober since 2007
  • Ben Affleck, sober since 2001
  • Anthony Hopkins, sober since 1975
  • George W. Bush, sober since 1976
  • Bill O’Reilly, sober since 1994
  • Al Pacino, sober since 1977
  • Brett Favre, sober since 1996

WOW. You want to know the best part of that list? That it goes on. I know quite a few names listed above, and I can guarantee you do too! Being sober is something to be proud of. It’s not a scarlet letter, you shouldn’t be ashamed, you should be empowered. You are normal; your own normal. Normal shouldn’t define who you are as a person. Recovering addicts are some of the strongest people in a world of diversity, struggle, and accomplishment. Hold your head up high.

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