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Spanish River Sports Complex

Countess de Hoernle Park (Spanish River Athletic Facility) is a city-owned park in Boca Raton, Florida. First opened in 2012 and located south of Spanish River Boulevard, the park came to life when the Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District provided the city of Boca Raton with $13.9 million of taxpayers’ money to improve upon 80 acres of unused land owned by the city. The land once belonged to the IBM Corporation. It was built with a recreational theme in mind, with a particular focus on sports. The Countess de Hoernle Park Spanish River Athletic Facility features four baseball-softball fields and four soccer fields, as well as one soccer-centric and one baseball-centric building on the premises. The 2 large concession stands are equipped with restrooms and water fountains. A children’s playground with benches conveniently placed in the middle for parents’ supervision and a 20-acre lake are connected by a walking path that also leads to several other attractions in the city, such as the Spanish River Library and Pond Hawk Natural Area.

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