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Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster of Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery is not always easy and challenges will come and go. The urge to relapse and fall back into the addiction is strongest right after detox and rehab when a person returns home to their families and friends. As such, a person’s mental and physical health should be their top priority so that the risk of relapse is not as high. 

Recovery is not something that is meant to do alone. By having someone by your side during the process will help support you, hold you accountable, and allow you to learn from past mistakes. Recovery is a learning process that involves working to unlearn the destructive habits and harmful tendencies that lead to substance use and addiction in the first place. Recovery also does not end with rehab or detox, even if a person has improved.  When the person leaves treatment, they have to create a new kind of happiness for themself.

High Points in Recovery

Some of the great things about being in recovery are improved mental and physical health. The brain and the body are able to be cleansed and renewed during detox and rehab. There is also significantly less stress and anxiety during this time because the person is removed from the circumstances that can trigger cravings and cause a return to substance use. 

There is also an amazing community of people who have overcome addiction and are in recovery. This group of people are there to encourage and hold each other accountable in a positive and supportive way. In this community, no one is left out and everyone can feel like they belong. People are able to bond over their struggles and learn how to create new, healthy outlets for the problems that they go through on a daily basis. 

Another fantastic thing about recovery is that happiness is easier to obtain because the person has learned how their addictive past has affected them. They are given the time, space, and attention to be able to focus on themselves. They are able to improve and learn how to manage situations around them. It also creates more interest and passion for the many things life has to offer. Many find new hobbies that they enjoy and, in some cases, are able to turn it into a career. They also can teach and help others who are walking a similar path as they were in recovery.

Low Points in Recovery

One of the significant lows in recovery is the feeling of a possible relapse. When experiencing loneliness or other negative emotions, the urge to relapse can be stronger than usual. These negative feelings are normal, but it is the reaction to these urges that can cause people to fall back into the addictive cycle that they were once in. Learning how to react to negative emotions in a way that does not result in relapse is important in finding a way to channel these emotions in a healthy way. 

Some of these negative emotions can come from a person’s environment if they are not able to get the support they need or are able to express themself in a healthy way. They may also feel isolated when they get out of detox or rehab as they struggle to create a new normal and remain sober in the real world. The transition back into the community is often the hardest part in recovery and is when a person needs the most support to make their recovery last. 

There may also be times when it seems like there is no progress being made. A person may feel like they are stuck with no improvement. In a way it can seem like a plateau in the recovery process. Progress does not always come quickly. Recovery is a lifelong process and it often takes time for meaningful changes to occur. 

Ways to Make Recovery Easier 

Recovery looks different for different people who have struggled with different addictive behaviors and drugs. But they all can bond over how they have struggled with these issues and learned to overcome them. As such, becoming a part of an alumni community can help ease the process of recovery. Alumni are people who have successfully completed treatment and are active members of the recovery community.  RECO Intensive offers aftercare programs and alumni events to create a network of community support for those in recovery.

Recovery also is easier when the person finds an outlet for their emotions. Working through the emotions can help negative emotions. Therapy is often offered in recovery to help people work through these emotions and RECO Intensive offers many therapeutic options to create the best personalized care. 


There are many issues that people go through as they continue with their recovery. There is no one correct path to recovery, but the happiness and freedom that comes with recovery makes it worth it. There are many high points and low points that come with recovery. Recovery can be hard when it seems like there is little  improvement being made or when struggling with negative emotions. These emotions are normal and can be worked through with the help of others. There are people who have gone through a similar path that can help hold accountability and helps each other learn from past mistakes. With recovery there is a new outlook on life and the people around you. This outlook changes a person’s perspective on their situation and who they surround themselves with. Located in Florida, RECO Intensive offers individualized treatment through inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare programs to help you overcome addiction and maintain a successful recovery. For more information, call (561) 464-6533 today.

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