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RECO Participates in Take Your Child to Work Day

Team RECO gained a new member for a day, through our participation in Take Your Child to Work Day last week.

Director of Operations Chris Pasquale’s 12-year-old stepson Johnny joined us to observe RECO workflow on a typical Thursday, and learned a great deal about our facility and the healing we facilitate in the process.

Clad in his RECO t-shirt, Johnny sat down with each member of our staff, as well as a few clients, to conduct interviews and gain perspective on the experiences we have had either working in or attending treatment.

For a child, the idea of visiting an addiction treatment center can be overwhelming. The stigmas associated with drug and alcohol addiction persist within today’s society, and the subject can develop fears for children and teens, simply from lack of positive associations surrounding the topic in their day-to-day lives.

As addiction continues to affect families worldwide, creating an open dialogue with children has gained national attention. In a TV special about addiction education, Dr. Oz spoke about the National Night of Conversation, a yearly effort to get families talking about addiction with their children.

“By removing the fear and shame surrounding addiction, through an open dialogue in families, we will save lives.  Parents need to educate their children about the overall risks of drugs and drinking, as well as get inside their children’s heads to assess what risks they may be facing already,” he said.

During his observation of operations at RECO, Johnny was able to serve as an active participant in this open dialogue, as he witnessed firsthand the work being done to help those who are recovering from addiction.

Team RECO was eager to welcome Johnny into our “work family,” as we exchanged perspectives and had the opportunity to reflect upon what working in treatment has meant to us.

Jen, our clinical director, has been working in treatment since 2009. When asked about RECO’s mission, she stated that, “We don’t give up on people, and we see value and potential in every client. Everyone deserves a chance to be happy and live life to the fullest.”

Matt, one of our primary therapists, shared a similar sentiment, and spoke to the experiences that clients who are parents could expect to have at RECO.

“When you are a parent, your child is the biggest responsibility in your life, so RECO guides parents in that responsibility, helping them prioritize their kids,” he said.

Jeff, another primary therapist, echoed this, stating, “We focus on client care first and foremost, and that allows us to meet each individual’s needs.”

As he spoke to the staff, Johnny discovered a common theme.

“Most of the staff has been through the same experiences as the clients, so this creates strong relationships between them,” he wrote.

When asked about their favorite part of working in treatment, several staff members shared the same answer. They most enjoyed being able to give something back that was once so freely given to them.

After talking to the staff, Johnny was also able to speak to some clients regarding their experiences. One client reflected upon the relationships he has built with both the staff and other clients, stating that, “They have become my family away from home.”

At the end of the day, Johnny left RECO with a new outlook on the world of recovery.

“The environment makes anyone feel welcome, even a 12-year-old kid who knew nothing about it,” Johnny said.

“I only spent one day there and I could already tell that RECO isn’t a business or a recovery center. They are a family wanting to help as many people as they can.”

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