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RECO Intensive Provides Virtual Treatment

RECO Intensive Adds Virtual Treatment Programming | IOP, OP and Medical Assessments

As an extra precaution for our staff and clients, RECO Intensive will now be offering virtual intensive outpatient treatment, virtual outpatient treatment, and virtual medical assessments. All virtual programming will be done through private platforms, such as Zoom, ensuring safe social distancing practices during our normal clinical and medical schedules.

As a part of the new virtual programming, all of our residences, clients, and staff will be equipped (if not currently) with computers, ipads, and monitors to utilize during groups and one on one therapy sessions. This virtual treatment will run in conjunction with in-person sessions and groups as an additional treatment track for clients who live off-property or are unable to physically attend regularly scheduled groups and therapy appointments due to self-quarantining. IOP and OP schedules may also include virtual programming for all clients at the discretion of our clinical and medical staff.

The medical assessments done with a doctor will now be completed virtually with our MD so our clients may be able to safely continue monitoring their health and well-being during this time. All medical visits will still be facilitated by our in-person case management team through the use of computer conferencing with our medical doctor. This will become our current standard of procedure for ALL routine medical assessments and check-ups as needed.

It is important that we stay open and able to treat all clients and families that come to us looking for solutions to their substance abuse disorder. Virtual programming allows us to proactively stop the spread of Covid-19 while also providing the highest standards of clinical and medical care.

Telehealth and the Coronavirus

Getting healthcare by phone or video conferencing has been around for several decades, but the outbreak of coronavirus has led to an increase in telemedicine use as never seen before, according to health systems and provider groups across the country.

Millions of Americans are seeking care by connecting with a doctor electronically, many for the first time. Health systems, insurers and physician groups said it allows people to practice social distancing while reducing the spread of the disease and protecting health workers.

Private technology companies such as Teladoc, Doctor On Demand and Amwell and large health care systems can provide a doctor directly to someone who contacts them. Other patients may seek a telemedicine appointment with their regular physician, who can use computer applications through smartphones and computers. All types of primary and specialty care and mental health services can be provided via telemedicine.

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